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The Gift and the Mission of the Order


Through Jesus Christ,

Son of the Father

and “firstborn of all creation”,[1]

we live in union with God

and with our neighbours

in a new way.

And so, we share in the mission of the Incarnate Word in this world,

and we form the Church,

which is in Christ “as a sacrament - a sign and instrument

of communion with God, and of the unity of the whole human race.”[2]



Living in allegiance to Jesus Christ,[3]

and embracing his Gospel as the supreme norm of our lives,[4]

by the power of his Spirit

who distributes his gifts to each according to his will,[5]

we seek to live together in mutual service of one another

and of all people.

In this way, we co-operate in God’s plan

to gather all men and women into one Holy People.[6]



Among the gifts of the Spirit is the evangelical life,

which we profess as religious,

called by Christ to live and to spread

his transforming and liberating power,

and even evangelical life itself,

in a manner that is specific to us,

effective, and contemporary.

This life is characterised by an intense search for God,

in total adherence to Christ,

finding expression in fraternal life and apostolic zeal.



Inherent in this vocation

is the full acceptance of the conditions

which Christ sets

for those who wish to follow him in this kind of life.

It involves acceptance of God’s will,

as sharing in Christ’s obedience.

It also includes the life of poverty

and community of goods,

as an expression of our unity in Christ

and of mutual gospel-inspired union with our brothers.


Finally, it is consecrated chastity,

as an expression of our love of God

and of our brothers and sisters.



We look upon our consecrated life above all as an invitation

and a great gift from God,

by which he consecrates us to himself,

that we may serve our brothers and sisters

following Christ’s example.

This vocation perfects in us, through our shared brotherhood,

the power, which is also charismatic, a gift of the Spirit,

received at baptism and at confirmation,

binding us in a special way to the Church

and making us ready to serve God and humanity,

“to implant and strengthen the Kingdom of Christ in souls,

and to spread it to the four corners of the earth.”[7]



In this context,

we the Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel

are engaged in a process of self-examination

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