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Traditionalist Bishop Williamson Incurs Excommunication Again

Zenit - Fri, 2015-03-20 19:56
A bishop formerly associated with the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X has incurred excommunication again by conferring an episcopal ordination not approved by Rome. Bishop Richard Williamson has now brought excommunication upon himself a second time. He was excommunicated in 1988 along with three others w...

Pope Francis: 'Today the Death Penalty Is Inadmissible'

Zenit - Fri, 2015-03-20 19:37
Pope Francis today made a clear denunciation of the death penalty and even of sentences to life imprisonment, saying that "today the death penalty is inadmissible, no matter how serious the crime of the condemned." The Pope spelled out his teaching in a letter to the International Commission Against the Death Pen...

3rd Auxiliary Bishop Named for Washington DC

Zenit - Fri, 2015-03-20 19:10
Pope Francis has named Father Mario E. Dorsonville-Rodríguez, 54, a priest of the Archdiocese of Washington, as an auxiliary bishop of the same archdiocese.  Bishop-elect Dorsonville-Rodríguez serves as vice president for mission of Catholic Charities and director of the Spanish Catholic Center of the Archdiocese...

Pope Francis Accepts Cardinal Keith O'Brien's Resignation of Rights, Privileges of a Cardinal

Zenit - Fri, 2015-03-20 19:10
"Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of the rights and privileges of a Cardinal, expressed in canons 349, 353 and 356 of the Code of Canon Law, presented by His Eminence Cardinal Keith Michael Patrick O’Brien, Archbishop Emeritus of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh, after a long period of prayer." In the form of...

Pope to bishops of Japan: Follow example of the "hidden Christians" who were persecuted (Video)

Zenit - Fri, 2015-03-20 18:49
To view the video, click here: URL:

Bishops: US, Canadian Mining Companies Abusing Rights in Latin America

Zenit - Fri, 2015-03-20 18:43
The U.S. and Canadian governments must hold mining companies from their countries that operate in Latin America to laws and standards that protect indigenous communities and vulnerable groups, as well as local economies and the environment, said representatives of the bishops of Latin America in a hearing in Washin...

The Practical Practice of Fasting

Zenit - Fri, 2015-03-20 18:43
When Dr Eben Alexander was in a coma for seven days he went through a dramatic near death experience. In his book Proof of Heaven he explains how he believes our brains interact with our consciousness. Rather than the brain producing consciousness he suggests the brain functions like a filter for our consciousness...

The solar eclipse seen from St. Peter's Square in Rome (Video)

Zenit - Fri, 2015-03-20 18:43
To view the video, click here: URL:

Sarah Kroger, the promising, young, and Catholic pop singer (Video)

Zenit - Fri, 2015-03-20 18:38
To view the video, click here: URL:

Vatican Publishes Pope's Liturgical Celebrations for Holy Week, Easter

Zenit - Fri, 2015-03-20 17:40
The Vatican’s Office for Liturgical Celebrations has released Pope Francis' event-filled Holy Week and Easter. According to the list of the Pope's Liturgical Celebrations published today, all the Masses will be in St. Peter's Basilica, other than those on Palm Sunday and Easter, which will be in St. Peter's Squar...

Cardinal Oswald Gracias Calls on St. Joseph for Help Against Anti-Women Violence

Zenit - Fri, 2015-03-20 15:43
Cardinal Oswald Gracias, the archbishop of Mumbai, has concelebrated Mass on the feast day of St. Joseph in a way which condemns the violence perpetrated against women in India. According to AsiaNews, in his homily yesterday, the nation's bishops' conference president decried "the atrocities that happen in so man...

Pope's Letter to International Commission Against the Death Penalty

Zenit - Fri, 2015-03-20 15:36
Here below is a translation of the letter that Pope Francis handed to the President of the International Commission Against the Death Penalty, Federico Mayor, in the course of this morning's audience with the commission at the Vatican: * * * Your Excellency Mister Federico Mayor President of the Internation...

We Want to See the Infinite: the Thirst for God's Face

Zenit - Fri, 2015-03-20 13:32
Roman Rite Jer 31, 31-34; Ps 51; Heb 5, 7-9; Jn 12, 20-33[1] Ambrosian Rite - Fifth Sunday of Lent - “of Lazarus" DT 6, 4a.20-25; Ps 104; Eph 5.15 to 20; Jn 11.1 to 53 1) See the good Face of Destiny: Jesus Christ.   Days fly by and even the forty days of Lent are about to end. Next Sunday will be Palm ...

Fr. Cantalamessa's 4th Lenten Homily 2015

Zenit - Fri, 2015-03-20 13:31
Here is the fourth Lenten homily given this year by the preacher of the Pontifical Household, Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa.  * * * Today we will meditate on the common faith of the East and the West in the Holy Spirit, and I will seek to do it “in the Spirit,” in his presence, knowing, as the Scripture ...

The Daily Disconnect Podcast: Mar 20, 2015

PCM Province - Fri, 2015-03-20 13:00

A brief, Catholic, daily prayer experience of simple faith in the Carmelite tradition. The Daily Disconnect is a daily podcast focusing on the exercise of prayer from a Catholic Carmelite perspective.

The post The Daily Disconnect Podcast: Mar 20, 2015 appeared first on Order of Carmelites.

United Nations: Pope Francis to Address General Assembly on September 25th

Zenit - Fri, 2015-03-20 10:58
Pope Francis will address the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York on September 25th, during his visit to the United States for the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia. His visit will also coincide with the 70th anniversary of the United Nations. The date of the Holy Father's address was confi...

Pope: May Your Priests See in You a Father Always Available to Them, a Brother at Their Side

Zenit - Fri, 2015-03-20 10:30
Pope Francis believes that Japan’s early Christian communities, who despite being persecuted for centuries kept the faith alive, can inspire today’s Catholics. Speaking to Japanese bishops this morning in the Vatican on the occasion of their ad limina visit, the Holy Father made this point, highlighting how the n...

Kenneth Branagh's Very Christian Cinderella

Zenit - Fri, 2015-03-20 10:10
Father Robert Barron is the founder of the global ministry, Word on Fire, and the Rector/President of Mundelein Seminary. He is the creator of the award winning documentary series, "Catholicism" and "Catholicism: The New Evangelization. * * *  Kenneth Branagh’s “Cinderella” is the most surprising Hollywood movi...

Pope's Address to Japanese Bishops

Zenit - Fri, 2015-03-20 09:30
Below is the Vatican-provided address of Pope Francis' words to Japanese bishops this morning in the Vatican on the occasion of their 'ad limina' visit: *** Dear Brother Bishops, I offer you a warm welcome on the occasion of your Visit ad Limina Apostolorum, as you make your pilgrimage to the tombs of Saints ...
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