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Famille Missionnaire Donum Dei

The Missionary Family Donum Dei was founded by a French priest, Fr. Marcel Roussel-Galle, who was born in 1910 in a little village in the Franche-Comté region and who died in Rome on 22 February 1984.

What was their vocation ? Like Thérèse, their vocation consisted in offering to Jesus their virginity, their entire love and to offer themselves to his Merciful Love.

What was their mission ? To help others to rediscover Christ as he showed himself to the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s Well, and to reveal to the whole of humanity Jesus as God’s gift.



Institutio: 11-02-1950
Cooptatio Ordini nostro: 22-02-1987

Curia Generalis
Conseil de Direction International
Famille Missionnaire Donum Dei

Via dell’Esquilino, 38
00185 ROMA
Tel. 06-4825447
Fax 06-485513

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Corpus Christi Carmelites

The Corpus Christi Carmelites are an international Roman Catholic womens' religious congregation affiliated to the Carmelite Order (Ancient Observance). Our sisters seek to be living reflections of Jesus Christ in this world, and spend their lives in his service, in special allegiance with his mother Mary. Our convents are located in the Caribbean and Guyana, England, and the United States.

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Carmelite Sisters of Our Lady

Institutio Congregationis: 2-11-1982
Cooptatio Ordini nostro: 8-12-1994

Curia Generalis
Carmel Center

Fatima Village, Piapi
P.O. Box 156
Tel. 035-226-1417

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Carmelite Sisters for The Aged And Infirm

We are consecrated religious in the Catholic Church and members of a Congregation founded by Mother M. Angeline Teresa McCrory, O.Carm , Servant of God, dedicated to the service and care of the Aged and Infirm, in the spirit and tradition of the Carmelite Order.

We are women who share a vision that love makes a difference in the world. We are diverse in age, background and training but are united in our belief that life is precious, from the moment of conception to its natural end.

Carmelitae Sancti Eliae (CSE)

Carmelitae Sancti Eliae is a basically an open contemplative Congregation, with some ministriesor apostolate. Much time is spent for prayers. Our houses are usually in remote places with facilities for retreats. We organise about 20 retreats a year, with different themes, but mostly designed to help people in their journey to God. These retreats are led by the brothers and sisters. Besides of that the brothers also help the people in counseling and spiritual direction and also pray for them and with them.



As Carmelites We live our life of allegiance to Jesus Christ and to serve Him faithfully with a pure heart and a clear conscience through a commitment to seek the face of the living God (the contemplative dimension of life), through prayer, through fraternity, and through service (diakonia). These three fundamental elements of the charism are not distinct and unrelated values, but closely interwoven. 

All of these we live under the protection, inspiration and guidance of Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, whom we honor as "our Mother and sister."