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A Meeting of Carmelites in Venezuela

12/2018 – 06 – 03

From the 25th of February to the 1st of March, some seventy Carmelites from the different sectors and groups that make up the Venezuelan Carmel met in the in the Convento San José in Mérida (Venezuela).

News from the Office of the Postulator General

11/2018 – 03 – 01


Recently, on the 10th of February, in Mantua (Italy) a study-day on Blessed Baptist of Mantuawas held. Its title was, “Il carmelitano Battista Spagnoli ‘Virgilio cristiano’ per l’Europa dell’Umanesimo”. (The Carmelite Baptist Spagnoli, the “Christian Virgil” for the the Europe of the Humanists”). The Postulator General, Giovanna Brizzi, and  the Archivist General, Fr. Mario Alfarano, took part as speakers, and the afternoon session was chaired by Fr. Giovanni Grosso, Prior Provincial of the Italian Province.

Electoral Chapter of the Monastery of Villalba del Alcor, Spain

10/2018 – 22 – 02

The Elective Chapter of the Carmelite Monastery of Villalba del Alcor, Spain, was held 21 February 2018. The following were elected:

Activities of the Prior General

9/2018 – 19 – 02
Donum Dei Missionary Family.JPG

On the 27th of November, the Prior General, Fernando Millán Romeral, O.Carm., delivered a lecture to the “Fundació Balmesiana” in Barcelona on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Fr. Bartolomé F.M. Xiberta, O.Carm.

Process for the canonization of Blessed Tius Brandsma

8/2018 – 07 - 02

Yesterday, the 6th of February, in the presence of the Prior General of our Order, Fr. Fernando Millán Romeral O. Carm., of the Postulator General, Dr. Giovanna Brizi, the General Councilors for Europe and Asia (John Keating, O.Carm and Benny Phang Khong Wing, O.Carm.) and Fr. Ton Van der Gulik, O.Carm.,


7/2018 – 05 – 02

Sr. M. Elisabetta Lombardi, (CER)



Ortus: 24-09-22
P. Temp.: 09-11-95
P. Soll.: 02-02-99


6/2018 – 02 - 02

Initium Novitiatus

  • 12-01-18 Geovanny Mauricio Martinez Morales (PCM-ElSal), Lurin, Peru
  • 12-01-18 Moisés Francisco Hernández García (PCM-ElSal), Lurin, Peru
  • 12-01-18 Adrián Flores Flores (PCM-Mex), Lurin, Peru
  • 12-01-18 Jorge Eduardo Victorio Muciño (PCM-Mex), Lurin, Peru

Electoral Chapter of the Monastery of Roxas, Philippines

5/2018 – 31 – 01

The Elective Chapter of the Carmelite Monastery of Roxas, Philippines, was held 31 January 2018. The following were elected:

  • Prioress:  Sr. M. Catalina Elum, O.Carm.
  • 1st Councilor:   Sr. M. Ana Abrogar, O.Carm.

The Assembly of the Titus Brandsma General Delegation (Colombia)

4/2018 – 20 – 01
The Assembly of the Titus Brandsma General Delegation (Colombia).jpg

From the 6th to the 8th of January, just gone by, in the Casa de Maria in Manizales (Colombia) the  chapter assembly of the Titus Brandsma General Delegation took place under the presidency of the Prior General, Fernando Millán Romeral, O.Carm., along with the Councillor General for the Americas, Raúl Maraví Cabrera, O.Carm., and the Delegate General, Luis Javier Villegas Posada, O.Carm.

Meeting of the Carmelite European geographical area in Rome

3/2018 – 14 – 01

From the 8th to the 10th of January 2018, the provincials, commissaries and delegates general of the European geographical area of the Order met at Centro Internazionale S. Alberto (CISA). This area meets every eighteen months to discuss matters of common interest and organization. The meeting began with a letter from the Prior General, Fr. Fernando Millán Romeral. Present were: Italia-Malta Region: Frs. Giovanni Grosso (Ita),

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As Carmelites We live our life of allegiance to Jesus Christ and to serve Him faithfully with a pure heart and a clear conscience through a commitment to seek the face of the living God (the contemplative dimension of life), through prayer, through fraternity, and through service (diakonia). These three fundamental elements of the charism are not distinct and unrelated values, but closely interwoven. 

All of these we live under the protection, inspiration and guidance of Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, whom we honor as "our Mother and sister." 


by Dr. Radut