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69/2017 – 03 - 10

Initium Novitiatus

  • 01-09-17 Patrick Abessolo Abena, (Ger-Cam), Efoulan, Cameroun
  • 01-09-17 Roger Boris Ava Mbida, (Ger-Cam), Efoulan, Cameroun
  • 01-09-17 Villier Gnintedem Tafouo, (Ger-Cam), Efoulan, Cameroun
  • 01-09-17 Dieudonné Sawadogo (Baet-Bur), Efoulan, Cameroun
  • 01-09-17 Innocent Sanou (Baet-Bur), Efoulan, Cameroun
  • 01-09-17 Emmanuel Gbekle (Baet-Bur), Efoulan, Cameroun
  • 01-09-17 Roger Azianale (Baet-Bur), Efoulan, Cameroun
  • 01-09-17 Clément Kanyoro Biaruhanga (Ita-Con), Efoulan, Cameroun
  • 01-09-17 Elisée Kombi Kalihi (Ita-Con), Efoulan, Cameroun
  • 01-09-17 Elisée Kasereka Kayilanda (Ita-Con), Efoulan, Cameroun
  • 17-09-17 Fernando Luque Herrera (ACV), Salamanca, España
  • 17-09-17 Yeurys Samuel Soto Martínez (ACV-Ant), Salamanca, España
  • 17-09-17 Jean Luis García Pérez (ACV-Ant), Salamanca, España
  • 17-09-17 Álvaro José Gil (Cat-Ven), Salamanca, España
  • 17-09-17 Joel Alfonso Rangel Rangel (Cat-Ven), Salamanca, España
  • 17-09-17 Norbert Smeja (BM), Salamanca, España

Professio Temporanea

  • 08-09-17 Germán Astacio Frías (ACV-Ant), Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
  • 08-09-17 Halin David Adames Samuel (ACV-Ant), Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
  • 09-09-17 Jacques Boris Kollo Mbarga (Ger-Cam), Efoulan, Cameroun
  • 09-09-17 Emmanuel Etotogo, (Ger-Cam), Efoulan, Cameroun
  • 09-09-17 Eric Obilale Kome (Baet-Bur), Efoulan, Cameroun
  • 09-09-17 Juan José Moreno Gómez (Baet), Jerez de la Frontera, España
  • 09-09-17 Walter Alberto Palomino Palomino (Baet), Jerez de la Frontera, España
  • 16-09-17 Anderson Yorley Galvan Marin (Ita), Roma, Italia
  • 16-09-17 Jozsef Balazs Fulop (Ita), Roma, Italia
  • 16-09-17 Matteo Antollini (Ita), Roma, Italia
  • 16-09-17 Francisco Javier Giraldes (ACV-Arg), Lomas de Zamora, Argentina
  • 16-09-17 Gonzalo Miguel Mercado Vicentín (ACV-Arg), Lomas de Zamora, Argentina
  • 24-09-17 Gustavo Antonio Contreras Ramírez (Cat-Ven), Tarrega, España
  • 24-09-17 Nicolás Ubaldo Carrizález Castillo (Cat-Ven), Tarrega, España

Professio Solemnis

  • 29-07-17 Paulo Ricardo Ferreira (Flum), Belo Horizonte, Brasil
  • 29-07-17 Renê Augusto Vilela (Flum), Belo Horizonte, Brasil
  • 09-09-17 Ernest Mbele, (Ger-Cam), Efoulan, Cameroun
  • 09-09-17 Louis Marie Manga Ottou, (Ger-Cam), Efoulan, Cameroun
  • 09-09-17 Rodrigue Parfait Ndonfou Fifen, (Ger-Cam), Efoulan, Cameroun
  • 09-09-17 Bernard Thierry Bessala Engoulou, (Ger-Cam), Efoulan, Cameroun

Ordinatio Diaconalis

  • 09-09-17 René Augusto Vilela da Silva (Flum), Belo Horizonte, Brasil

Ordinatio Sacerdotalis

  • 09-09-17 Marlom Francis de Souza Moreira (Flum), Belo Horizonte, Brasil
  • 09-09-17 Thiago Borges de Oliveira (Flum), Belo Horizonte, Brasil
  • 09-09-17 Reinaldo Paraiso Paraíso das Chagas (Flum), Belo Horizonte, Brasil

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As Carmelites We live our life of allegiance to Jesus Christ and to serve Him faithfully with a pure heart and a clear conscience through a commitment to seek the face of the living God (the contemplative dimension of life), through prayer, through fraternity, and through service (diakonia). These three fundamental elements of the charism are not distinct and unrelated values, but closely interwoven. 

All of these we live under the protection, inspiration and guidance of Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, whom we honor as "our Mother and sister." 


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