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Causa Nostrae Letitiae


Augustus 2011


Professio Temporanea

  • 16-07-11 Teresa Mathias Mbenge (KAL), Kalimoni
  • 16-07-11 Elizabeth Musuvi Ndinda (KAL), Kalimoni
  • 17-07-11 Patrick Kitaka Musyimi (Ken), Nairobi
  • 17-07-11 Denis Omae Nchore (Ken), Nairobi
  • 27-08-11 Ernest Mbele (GerI-Cam), Yaounde
  • 27-08-11 Wilfried Mbida Medock (GerI-Cam), Yaounde
  • 27-08-11 Bernard Thiery Bessala Emgoulou (GerI-Cam), Yaounde


Professio Solemnis

  • 27-07-11 Eder Antonio González Morelo (Col), Bogotá
  • 20-08-11 David Semmens (PCM), Washington
  • 20-08-11 Michael Joseph Wu (PCM), Washington
  • 20-08-11 Edgar Enrique López Ortiz (PCM), Washington
  • 27-08-11 Eli Marie Mvondo (GerI-Cam), Yaounde


Ordinatio Diaconalis

  • 24-07-11 Lucien Kasereka Kahatane (Ita-Congo), Butembo


Ordinatio Sacerdotalis

  • 20-07-11 Edgar A. Cayanan (Phil), Quezon City
  • 20-07-11 Fernando C. Lopez (Phil), Quezon City
  • 15-08-11 Alexandre Donizete Cortez (Flum), Jaú
  • 27-08-11 Francis X. Chinh Nguyen (SEL), Middletown
  • 27-08-11 Joseph Nguyen Do (SEL), Middletown

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