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May - June 2007

No. 43          10/VI/2007                   
Carmelite NGO
- associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations
The Carmelite NGO Website Updated
The website of the Carmelite NGO ( has been updated with more information about issues that touch each Carmelite and our ministries.
There is also news about the annual DPI/NGO Conference to be held at United Nations headquarters in New York on September 5-7, 2007. We hope to have a good representation participating in that meeting.

No. 42          5/VI/2007                   
CITOC - the Carmelite News Magazine
The Next Issue of CITOC Available on Web
The April - June 2007 issue of CITOC is now available online at the CITOC website. The printed version has been sent from the Carmelite Publications Office in the Czech Republic and is arriving around the world. The on-line version includes some expanded articles, photos, and news updates not included in the printed version.
We dedicated a part of this issue to a theme of ever increasing importance: the responsibile use of all the gifts that God has given to us-- especially the earth and all that it contains. This issue also contains news from around the world, particularly recent meetings regarding the Order in Africa.
Some of CITOC's reoccuring features, such as the Carmelite Communications, Life in Carmel, Elective Chapters, Carmelite Culture, the Carmelite NGO, Res Carmelitana, and the obituaries are also available.
CITOC is also available to those wishing to purchase a subscription for a hard copy. We are finding an increasing number of Lay Carmelites are subscribing. Information on subscribing to CITOC is also available on the website.
We hope you enjoy this issue!


No. 41          3/VI/2007                   
400th Anniversary of the Death of Carmelite Saint Mary Magdalene de' Pazzi:

Letter from the Holy Father, Benedict XVI, to the Archbishop of Florence on the Occasion of the IV Centenary of the Death of Carmelite St. Mary Magdalene de' Pazzi
English | Español | Italiano


No. 40          3/VI/2007                   
Presentation of the Book Il Beato Jean Soreth:

Priore Generale, riformatore e maestro spirituale dell'Ordine Carmelitano (1394-1471)
Edizioni Carmelitane is proud to announce the presentation of the book Il Beato Jean Soreth: Priore generale, riformatore e maestro spirituale dell'Ordine Carmelitano (1394-1471) by Giovanni Grosso, O. Carm. The presentation will take place in the Sala conferenze of the Centro Internazionale Sant'Alberto in Rome on Wednesday, June 6 at 1800 (6 PM). The presentation will be made by Emanuele Boaga, O. Carm., and Bryan Deschamp.
The English language website for Edizioni Carmelitane:

No. 39          24/V/2007         
General Chapter Website Update
Information regarding travel to the General Chapter has been posted on the Website for the General Chapter located at:
You can also find a summary of the community responses handed in to the document: In obsequio Jesu Christi praying and prophetic community in a changing world.

No. 38          24/V/2007         
Celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the Death of St. Mary Magdelene de’ Pazzi
The Carmelite Family will gather in Florence, Italy on May 25th to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the Death of the great Carmelite mystic St. Mary Magdelene de’ Pazzi.
A Eucharist will be celebrated in the morning by the Prior General and the members of the General Council in the monastery of St. Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi.
In the evening, there will be another Eucharist celebrated by the Archbishops of Florence, Ennio Cardinal Antonelli. This celebration will take place at Il Carmine.
Other celebrations taking place to honor St. Mary Magdelene de’ Pazzi include a conference on the life and spirituality of the saint on May 26th. The following day, there will be a Eucharist with the Carmelite Family in Il Carmine.


No. 37          13/V/2007         
Mercedes Escolar Muñoz, O. Carm. (CAN)

Sr. Mercedes Escolar Muñoz, 88 years old, died on May 7, 2007. She was a member of the Carmelite community in the enclosed monastery of Stmo. Sacramento in Cañete la Real, Spain.
Sister was born in Gomecerracín (Segovia) on February 8, 1919. She made her simple profession on December 8, 1958.


No. 36          12/V/2007         
Chapter of the Australian and Timor-Leste Province

The Chapter of the Australian and Timor-Leste Province was held April 30 - May 4, 2007. The Prior General, Joseph Chalmers.
Elected and confirmed to serve in the leadership of the Province were:
          Prior Provincial: Wayne Stanhope, O. Carm.
          1st Councilor: Bruce Clark, O. Carm.
          2nd Councilor: Paul Gurr, O. Carm.
          3rd Councilor: Denis Andrew, O. Carm.
          4th Councilor: David Hoffman, O. Carm.


No. 35          12/V/2007         
Germán Mamani Condori, O. Carm. (Mel-B)

Fr. Germán Mamani Condori, a member of the Bolivian mission of the Maltese Province, died on May 1, 2007. He was 37 years old.
Fr. Germán was born on May 29, 1969, in Chahuira Pampa, Bolivia. He made his simple profession on January 11, 1998 and was ordained priest on February 16, 2002.

No. 34          11/V/2007         
800th Anniversary of the Formula Vitae of St. Albert of Jerusalem

Eucharist presided by Bishop Gianfranco Agostino Gardin, OFM Conv.
Secretary of the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life
Eucharist celebrated by the OCARM and OCD Superior Generals
and their Councils
Saturday, May 12, 2007, 6:30 PM
Church of Santa Maria in Traspontina
Via della Conciliazione, Rome


No. 33          11/V/2007         
Jerome R. Callahan, O. Carm. (PCM)

Fr. Jerome Callahan, a member of the PCM Province, died on April 25, 2007. He was 80 years old.
Fr. Jerome was born on January 30, 1919, in Pittsburgh, USA. He made his simple profession on August 15, 1946 and was ordained priest on June 4, 1952.