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Lent 2011

Monday of the second week of Lent

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Monday, March 21, 2011

None of the brothers must lay claim to anything as his own, but you are to possess everything in common; and each is to receive from the Prior - that is from the brother he appoints for the purpose - whatever befits his age and needs. Carmelite Rule 12.

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Sunday of the second week of Lent

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Gospel here places no words in the mouth of your mother. And you, too, my Jesus speak not a word. Your silence is eloquent. ~ Bl. Titus Brandsma

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Saturday of the first week of Lent

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Those who know how to say the canonical hours with those in orders should do so, in the way those holy forefathers of ours laid down, and according to the Church’s approved custom. Carmelite Rule - 11.

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Friday of the first week of Lent

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Friday, March 18, 2011

A 'scientia crucis' can be gained only when one comes to feel the cross radically. The entire sum of human failures can be blotted out by the expiation of the cross. ~ St. Edith Stein

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Wednesday of the first week of Lent

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Jesus lavishes his crosses as the most certain mark of his tenderness, for He wills to make you like Him. So why be afraid of not being able to carry the cross without weakening?" ~ Saint Thérèse of Lisieux

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Tuesday of the first week of Lent

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Each of you, to weigh his words in; keep a tight rein on your mouths, lest you should stumble and fall in speech, and your fall be irreparable and prove mortal. Carmelite Rule. 21.

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Monday of the first week of Lent

Monday, March 14, 2011

"When the soul reaches the stage at which it pays little attention to praise, it pays even less attention to disapproval. Blame strengthens the soul; what's more, it acquires a special and tender love for its persecutors." ~ Saint Teresa of Avila

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The Meaning of Lent with some Carmelite Insights


by Christopher O’Donnell, O.Carm.


In Catholic liturgy the place to look for the meaning of a feast or a season in the prefaces of the Mass. In the first Lent preface we address the Father in these words: Each year you give us this joyful season when we prepare to celebrate the paschal mystery with mind

Message from the Pope for Lent 2011


Pope Benedict XVI

“You were buried with him in baptism, in which you were also raised with him.” (cf. Col 2: 12)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Lenten period, which leads us to the celebration of Holy Easter, is for the Church a most valuable and important liturgical time, in view of which I am pleased to offer a specific word in order that it may be lived with due diligence.

Sunday of the first week of Lent

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Each one of you is to stay in his own cell or nearby, pondering the Lord’s law day and night and keeping watch at his prayers unless attending to some other duty. Carmelite Rule -10

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As Carmelites We live our life of allegiance to Jesus Christ and to serve Him faithfully with a pure heart and a clear conscience through a commitment to seek the face of the living God (the contemplative dimension of life), through prayer, through fraternity, and through service (diakonia). These three fundamental elements of the charism are not distinct and unrelated values, but closely interwoven. 

All of these we live under the protection, inspiration and guidance of Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, whom we honor as "our Mother and sister." 


by Dr. Radut