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The Second Meeting of the Prioresses and Novice Directors of the Monasteries of the Antilles

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From the 9th to the 12th of January, 2012, the Prioresses and Directors of Novices of the six monasteries of Nuns in the Antilles, (Porto Rico and the Dominican Republic), came together in the Monastery of Maria Madre de la Iglesia, La Vega, in the Dominican Republic, for the Second Meeting of the Prioresses and Directors of Novices, coordinated by Fr. Rogelio Mur, O.Carm., Delegate for the Nuns of the area.

Congress of Lay Carmelites


The 2007 General Chapter decided that every six years a Congress of Lay Carmelites would be held. The next Congress will be held at Sassone (Rome)  from the 17th to the 21st of September of this year. The theme of the congress will be: "Formation for service to the Kingdom of God and to the World. Lay Carmelites in the Mission of the Church".

Assembly of the Provincial Commissariat of Bolivia (Mel)


During the Assembly of the Provincial Commissariat of Bolivia (Mel) held on 24-27 January 2012 were elected:

  • Commissary Provincial:  Fr. Garvin Grech, O.Carm.
  • First Councilor:  Fr. Albert Brincat, O.Carm.
  • Second Councilor:  Fr. Milton Murillo Ortiz, O.Carm.

Causa Nostrae Letitiae


Ianuarius 2012

 Initium Novitiatus

08-12-11 Ilaria Schincaglia (SUT), Sutri
05-01-12 Gregorio Vazquez Solis (PCM-Mex), Lurín
05-01-12 Nilton Cesar Guarnizo Alfaro (PCM-Per), Lurín
05-01-12 Santiago Guzmàn Estrada (Ita-Col), Lurín
05-01-12 Jorge Luis Arandia Celis (Ita-Col), Lurín
05-01-12 Eris Robles Càrdenas (Ita-Col), Lurín

Bishop Filippo Iannone, O.Carm. nominated to senior position Vicegerent in the Diocese of Rome

Mons. Filippo Iannone.jpg

The Holy Father, Benedict XVI, has today nominated to one of the most senior positions in the Diocese of Rome, Italy, His Excellency Bishop Filippo Iannone, O.Carm. (Brun), who up until now has been Bishop of the Diocese of Sora-Aquino-Pontecorvo since the 19th June 2009.

Vitam Coelo Reddiderunt


Sr. M Joaquina Valls Pons (KAL)
Ortus: 23-07-21
P. Temp.: 08-12-45
P. Soll.: 08-12-48

Activities of the Prior General


On the 17th of December 2011, in the company of Fr. John Keating, O.Carm., Councilor General for Europe, the Prior General, Fernando Millán Romeral O.Carm., gave a talk a the ecumenical centre for lay people in Rome, (The Lay Centre at Foyer Unitas) in the topic: "Alternative Expressions for talking about God". From the 6th to the 8ty of January, he took part in the "All Students Gathering" of the two North American provinces

European Carmelite Youth Meeting


A group of young people who had been involved in the Carmelite European Pilgrimage of Hope (Rome, 2010) and with the Carmelite Youth Day in Madrid in 2011, met with the Councillor General for Europe, Fr. John Keating, O.Carm., at the General Curia in Rome from 20th to the 22nd January.

Assembly of the Provincial Commissariat of Peru (PCM)


During the Assembly of the Provincial Commissariat of Peru (PCM) held on 17-20 January 2012 were elected:

  •     Commissary Provincial:  Fr. Enrique Laguna Vargas, O.Carm.
  •     First Councilor:  Fr. Eduardo Rivero Cárdenas, O.Carm.
  •     Second Councilor:  Fr. Gerald Payea, O.Carm.

Pope Benedict XVI begins Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Vatican News
unity 2012-640.jpg

Speaking to the thousands of pilgrims present in the Paul VI Audience Hall on Wednesday for his weekly General Audience, Pope Benedict XVI said the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity invites all the Lord’s followers to implore the gift of unity. This year’s theme – We Will All Be Changed By The Victory Of Our Lord Jesus Christ –

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