Lectio Divina Sabato 7 Dic 2013

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Lectio Divina Venerdì 1ª Settimana d'Avvento

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Lectio Divina Giovedì 1ª Settimana d'Avvento

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Lectio Divina Mercoledì 1ª Settimana d'Avvento

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Lectio Divina Martedi 1ª Settimana d'Avvento

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Educating Young People in Justice and Peace

Benedict 16

Papal Message for World Day of Peace - January 1, 2012


The Catholic Church begins each year with World Day of Peace, a day set aside for prayer and reflection. In this year's address, Pope Benedict XVI asks that the coming year be marked concretely by justice and peace. He specifically asks that young people be educated in justice and peace, first by the parents as well as by formal educational institutions and teachers. He speaks to political leaders and the media as well, reminding them of their role in education.

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