The Gospel sustains me

Edited by Johan Bergström-Allen, T.O.C.& Wilfrid McGreal, O.Carm.

Foreword by the Dean of York Minster
St Thérèse has become deeply valued and loved by innumerable people both within the Roman Catholic Church and beyond. This is of a piece with the paradox of her whole life. On the surface her life was a withdrawal, a career in obscurity and seemingly without significance in the wider world. But this same Thérèse seems to us now of huge importance to our world, a major element in God’s mission in our time. The journeying of her physical body in the form of her relics expresses this powerfully. She, for whom the loving mission of God was central, now literally embodies the direct approach of God to those who are far away, apparently on the edge~
This is how it will feel for us at York Minster when we welcome her relics on her feast day, 1st October 2009. People of every Christian tradition, and people of no allegiance, and even of no faith, pour through this place every day. And there we shall join in prayer to God that He will find His way, through Thérèse’s prayers and witness, to draw everyone to Himself, so that we may all see Him face to face and be united in His love. This is surely how Thérèse has always wanted it to be: her prayer and longing attracts her, like her Lord, beyond the expected borders, to the outsider, even to the lost.
Keith Jones Dean of York.

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