Letter from the Preparatory Commission


To Priors Provincial
Commissaries and  Delegates General
Commissaries Provincial
Prior of CISA

Rome, 28 May 2012
Prot.  113/12

Dear Brothers,

The Preparatory Commission for the General Chapter, appointed by the General Council, held its first meeting in Rome at the Curia on 21-25 May.  The first guideline given to us by the Council that we noted was the theme “A Word of Hope and Salvation (Const. 24): Living the Charism and Mission of Carmel Today”. The theme was chosen as a continuation of the journey undertaken by the Order in recent years and based on the suggestions at the General Congregation in Niagara Falls, Canada, in September 2011.

The theme will help us deal with questions and challenges that the world in constant change poses for Carmel.  Our Mission of Carmel is also Carmel in Mission.  We hope to discuss our charism as a living reality, while also reflecting upon our mission and missions in light of the new evangelization in our world today.

We would like the Chapter to be prepared by all in a true spirit of community.  Each religious and each community is invited to be involved in this process of preparation.  We shall be assisted by a document (Instrumentum laboris) prepared by Mícéal O’Neill (Hib), Prior of CISA.  This text, which will be sent to you in September 2012, one year before the General Chapter, may be used at community meetings to help us go deeper into the theme by means of questions and references to our tradition.  The answer to the questions should be sent to the Prior Provincial, Commissary General, Delegate General or Commissary Provincial who, together with his Council will also have answered the questions, will collate them and send them to the  Commission.  These answers, the result of the collaboration and reflection of the whole Order, will be presented to the Chapter.

We also invite you, individually or as a community, to submit clear, concrete, and reasonable proposals on any matter that may be for the good of the Order in the future (cf. Const. 262-263).  Please send the replies to the questions of the Instrumentum laboris and any proposals no later than 15 March 2013.  We would also ask each provincial to kindly send a photo and a brief biographical profile of anyone in your province attending the Chapter by the same day, 15 March 2013.

A web page will also be prepared, www.ocarm.org/capitulumgenerale2013/ to pass on information of what is happening and to facilitate participation in this event of the Spirit, so fundamental for the life of the Order.

Communication may be sent to:
General Chapter 2013
Secretary General
Via Giovanni Lanza, 138
00184 Rome
Email: seggen@ocarm.org

The Preparatory Commission will send you the Chapter prayer later, which we suggest may be used daily, so that the Chapter may respond adequately to the expectations of the whole Order.  We trust in the spirit of fraternal collaboration you will distribute this letter to all your communities, asking them to feel a part of the process and to use the Instrumentum laboris, also reminding them to keep in mind the dates set by the commission in order to facilitate its work.


The Preparatory Commission

Francisco de Sales Alencar (Pern); Desiderio García Martínez (Arag)
Artemio Jusayan (Phils); Simplisio Manyika (Hib – Zimb)
Carl Markelz (PCM); Ben Wolbers (Neer)

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