Letter from the Preparatory Commission 2


To Priors Provincial
Commissaries and  Delegates General
Commissaries Provincial
Prior of CISA

Rome, 30 November 2012
Prot.  230/12

Dear brothers,

As part of our preparation for the 2013 General Chapter, we offer you this “Instrumentum Laboris.”  It contains prayers and reflections that are pertinent to the theme of the Chapter, A Word of Hope and Salvation – Living the Charism and Mission of Carmel Today.  Each meditation is focused on a biblical icon.  It also proposes some questions for reflection, both for personal reflection and reflection in community, as well as questions that may guide the thoughts of the members toward making proposals to the Chapter.  It is not necessary to reflect on all the passages in a particular meditation all in one sitting.  As there are only three meditations, it may be helpful to spread the reflections over a longer period and chose the texts and prayers that best suit the local situation.  Special thanks to Mícéal O’Neill (Hib), for preparing this important document.
Having had the opportunity to pray and reflect, members may feel they would like to say something to the Chapter.  All submission of proposals should be sent to the Preparatory Commission by 1 May 2013 for inclusion in the deliberations of the Chapter.  Responses can be sent to the email address: seggen@ocarm.org
The Preparatory Commission apologizes for the late date at which this document is being sent.  Responding to the signs of the times, and attempting to communicate using 21st century methods, we are sending the Instrumentum Laboris as an Internet document rather than a printed pamphlet. It can be found at:
Copies will also be sent to each major superiors  for their respective archives . We also wish to remind provincials to begin the process of election in each province of a delegate(s) for the General Chapter, and please send this information to the General Curia as soon as possible.  We also ask each provincial to kindly send a small photo, a brief biographical profile, and the email address of each delegate by, 15 March 2013.  Members who will need a Visa to travel to Italy for the General Chapter are ask to request the proper letter or documentation required from the General Curia, in the time necessary for the issuance and validity of the Visa.
Lastly, also included as an attachment is the Chapter Prayer.  Formal prayer cards will be sent as soon as they are printed in the languages of the Order.  In the meantime, please use this prayer to help guide our deliberations in preparation of the General Chapter.


The Preparatory Commission

Francisco de Sales Alencar (Pern); Desiderio García Martínez (Arag)
Artemio Jusayan (Phils); Simplisio Manyika (Hib – Zimb)
Carl Markelz (PCM); Ben Wolbers (Neer)