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Rome’s Fiumicino Airport is located 26 km southwest of the city of Rome and 42Km of Sassone.

From Rome’s Fiumicino Airport to SASSONE (Istituto Il Carmelo)

Istituto Il Carmelo
Via Doganale, 1  (Via dei Laghi, km 2,500)
Tel: (06) 796 0185   (06) 796 0247
Fax: (06) 796 1515

by Taxi Cabs

  • The distinctive white taxi cabs await outside the passenger stations, in order to serve the passengers.
    Taxis in Rome are white. From October 1st 2012 there are fix fares from downtown to airports. City center to Fiumicino and vice-versa cost 48 euros. City center to Ciampino and vice-versa cost 35 Euros. For others destinations fares are not fixed. You don’t have to negotiate the price. Regular taxis have a taximeter. Fee for luggage is around 1 euro each.
  • From Fiumicino Airport to To SASSONE: Show them the address of the Istituto Il Carmelo  then  they will calculate the price.. it normally costs €70-€80 for up to 4 persons.
  • The official taxies are yellow or white, and have meters. Look to make sure it has an official TAXI sign. Be ware of non-official cab drivers, especially if you need to go to the airport. Do not be rushed into entering any taxi; take your time and double check that the taxi is an official one. Do not accept services of anyone walking up to you in the airport or train station.
  • Charge of 1 euro for each piece of baggage exceeding 35x25x50 cm.

Mass Transit:

If you would like to take Mass Transit from Fiumicino Airport to Sassone, first you have to take Train or Bus to Stazioni TERMINI (Rome’s Main Train Station) and then take a train from Termini to Sassone.

From Airport to Stazioni TERMINI (Rome’s Main Train Station)

By train

  • The Leonardo Express  is the direct train that serves the route between the airport and the center of the city of Rome every 30 minutes.
  • Ticket costs euro €14 (2012), available at the counter as well as the Tabacchi stand. Get your ticket stamped in a yellow validation machine just before using it. Ticket expires 90 minutes after validation.
  • The ultramodern train Leonardo Express,  covers the distance in 30 minutes.

By Shuttle Bus

  • Shuttle Bus is the cheapest transit to Rome. There are 4 Shuttle Bus to Rome Termini, (TERRAVISION, SITBUS, TAMBUS, and CONTRAL) all of them are good to get to Rome Termini.
  • From Terminal 3 of the Airport, you need to turn right and walk for 3 minutes, you will see all the stands to sell BUS tickets on your right, you can buy at any ticket office. The seller will show you where is the BUS Stop.
  • Ticket: €4 o €6 per person, depends on BUS.

From Termini to Sassone

  • From Stazioni Termini, you have to take the train with “Albano L.” as the final destination. However, you will get off at “Sassone” which is the 4th stop after leaving Rome.      

  • Purchase a ticket at one of the many newspaper stands in the station (approximate cost € 2,00). Ask for a ’30 kilometer ticket’ (‘un biglietto da trenta kilometri’). Make sure you ‘validate’ the ticket at any of the yellow  or white-green machines hanging on the pillars trackside BEFORE you board the Albano train.
  • The train to “Albano L.” sometimes starts from a track (#15 and #18) which does not come all the way into the station. So you will need to walk down one of the platforms to find the train. Just follow the signs.
  • When you get off the train at Sassone (There is no station, just a little walkway along side the track), wait for the train to leave and then walk down to the road crossing. Cross the tracks and walk along the wall. (Be careful of the oncoming traffic!) You will come to a gate for the “Istituto Il Carmelo”. Ring the buzzer and someone will open the gate.

Stazioni TERMINI (Rome’s Main Train Station)

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