Elections of General Councilors



On this day, the Chapter elected the General Councilors for the various areas of the world.

  • For the General Area of Africa, Rev. Conrad Mutizamhepo, O.Carm. of Zimbabwe (HIB).
  • For the General Area of the Americas, Very Rev. Raúl Maraví Cabrera, O.Carm. of Peru (PCM).
  • For the General Area of Asia-Australia-Oceania, Rev. Benny Phang Kong Wing, O.Carm. of Indonesia.
  • For the General Area of Europe, Very Rev. John Keating, O.Carm. of Ireland.

Raúl Maraví and John Keating were elected to a second term on the Council while Conrad and Benny begin their service to the Order in this special way.

These men join those who were elected yesterday to the General Council with the duty of promoting the contemplative Carmelite life of prayer, community and service throughout the world. The entire Order asks that the protection and prayers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel will support them in their tasks for the next six years.