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Welcome to the General Chapter 2019 of the Order of the Carmelites

"You are my witnesses" (Is 43:10); from one generation to the next: called to be faithful to our Carmelite charism.

"Vosotros sois mis testigos" (Is 43,10); de una generación a la otra: llamados a ser fieles a nuestro carisma carmelita.

 "Voi siete miei testimoni" (Is 43,10); da una generazione all'altra: chiamati ad essere fedeli al nostro carisma carmelitano.

Remarks on the theme of the General Chapter 2019

Tradition, in fact, is not a set of principles to be learned by heart and to be repeated during the years, nor is a system of thought to be acquired no matter what, but rather is the vital movement of the careful and conscious passing over of a precious treasure: we could say ...

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La lettera della Commissione Preparatoria

Cari Confratelli,

La Commissione Preparatoria per il Capitolo Generale, nominata dal Consiglio Generale, si è incontrata per la prima volta a Roma, ...