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A new development in the case of Beatification and Canonization of Fr Avertan Fenech O.Carm

The tomb of Fr Avertan Fenech in the Carmelite Church in Mdina

The latest development in the case of the Beatification and Canonization of the Servant of God, Fr Avertan Fenech O.Carm took place last year in March.

On the 23rdof March 2018, a meeting was held by the Congregation of Saints in Rome, where nine consultants led by the Prefect his Eminence Cardinal Angelo Amato read the Acts and gave their judgment through a cast of votes on the case of the Carmelite friar Avertan Fenech. Soon after, Dr Giovanna Brizi the Postulator of the Carmelite Order passed on the joyous news to Fr Charlo Camilleri O.Carm the vice Postulator of this case, that the Congregation had voted in favour and would soon issue a decree of validity of the Diocesan Inquiry.

This Diocesan Inquiry was carried out in Malta in just under a year, and contains evidence collected by the Ecclesiastical Tribunal, the advice of Theologians, the research of the Historical Commission, as well as all the documentation gathered on Fr Avertan’s reputaton of sanctity and graces granted through his intercession.

The Carmelite Church in Mdina
The Carmelite Church in Mdina where Fr Avertan used to say daily mass and the Mosta Parish Church where he was baptised and used to attend mass regularly

Following the meeting, the Congregation of Saints issued a Decree of Validity that the Acts and documentation met the criteria required, namely that there is sufficient information and evidence that this Servant of God lived a life of virtue, enjoys a reputation of uninterrupted holiness and also a reputation of earning graces from God through his intercession.

After this important progress in the case, a moderator will be chosen from the Congregation of Saints, and a fourteen-volume bound copy of the Diocesan Inquiry will be sent to the Carmelites, to start the very delicate work of the Positio which means the task, to prove from all the documentation gathered, that the Servant of God lived in a heroic manner the Cardinal virtues of Prudence, Courage, Moderation and Justice as well as the Theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.

If this judgment on the Positio shows heroism in these specific virtues and evidence of a life of holiness, then the Pope will be able to declare Fr Avertan, Venerable. Following this, a miracle will be needed for his Beatification.

We ask our devotees to continue spreading the devotion towards this Servant of God and encourage people to ask God for Fr Avertan’s intercession. It is worth noting that should a grace be granted through Fr Avertan’s intercession, the Postulators Office located in the Carmelite Priory in Mdina, Malta, should be notified in writing. This is done because every year the Congregation of the Saints requires an account of more documentation showing Fr Avertan’s reputation of sanctity and reputation of graces.

It is very satisfying to note that the Maltese Carmelite Province presented this candidate for Beatification and Canonization the year when the Province was celebrating its six hundredth anniversary of its arrival in Malta, and the seventy fifth anniversary since the Servant of God Fr Avertan went to meet the Risen Lord.

Last November 2018, together with the Mosta Local Council (Malta), and with the permission of the family residing in the house, a plaque was put up on the facade of the house where Fr Avertan was born, lived and raised.

Furthermore to commemorate the seventy fifth anniversary since the death of this friar, a biography on him will be published and distributed from the Maltese Carmelite priories and through other sources.

In the near future the Maltese Carmelite Province will organize pilgrimages to places linked with Fr Avertan to encourage more prayer.

Brothers and sisters let us pray to this Servant of God so that like him we will be capable of accepting God's will in our suffering. In addition we also encourage you to pray for a miracle through his intercession.

Father Hermann Duncan O.Carm


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