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6/2019 – 02 – 02
entering novitiate

Initium Novitiatus
10-01-19 José Manuel Santos Alvarado (PCM-ElSal), Lurin, Peru
10-01-19 Juan Esteban Rodríguez Benítez (PCM-ElSal), Lurin, Peru
10-01-19 Miguel Ángel Guerra Martínez (PCM-ElSal), Lurin, Peru
10-01-19 Eduardo Antonio Diaz Espinoza (PCM-Per), Lurin, Peru
10-01-19 Franz Johnathan Leyva Bardalez (PCM-Per), Lurin, Peru
19-01-19 Alan David Ribeiro Dos Santos (Pern), São Cristovão, Brasil
19-01-19 Iryson Felipe Nascimento Da Silva (Pern,) São Cristovão, Brasil
19-01-19 Jefferson Dos Santos Silva (Pern), São Cristovão, Brasil
19-01-19 João Marcos Leal Silva Lima (Pern,) São Cristovão, Brasil
19-01-19 José Mateus Gomes Da Silva (Pern,) São Cristovão, Brasil
19-01-19 Lázaro Geovane Soares Silvestre (Pern), São Cristovão, Brasil
19-01-19 Luan Jackson Santos (Pern), São Cristovão, Brasil
19-01 19 Ramon Araújo Mendes (Pern), São Cristovão, Brasil
19-01-19 Roberto Dos Anjos Andrade (Pern), São Cristovão, Brasil
19-01-19 Weymerson Angelin Paulino (Pern), São Cristovão, Brasil
19-01-19 Pedro Henrique De Almeida (Par), São Cristovão, Brasil
19-01-19 Vinicius Alexandre Beiger Da Luz (Par), São Cristovão, Brasil
20-01-19 José Agnaldo Sarmento (Flum), Mogi das Cruzes, Brasil
20-01-19 Lucas Bessa Aguiar (Flum), Mogi das Cruzes, Brasil
20-01-19 Marcelo de Assis Freitas (Flum), Mogi das Cruzes, Brasil

Professio Temporanea
29-12-18 Luciana Laceda Bustamante (VDA), Villalba del Alcor, España
06-01-19 Antonio Herberg Rocha Neto (Flum), Mogi das Cruzes, Brasil
06-01-19 Igor Marcelo Alves da Silva (Flum), Mogi das Cruzes, Brasil
06-01-19 João Afonso Miranda Dias (Flum), Mogi das Cruzes, Brasil
06-01-19 João Wanderson de Oliveira Ossola da Cruz (Flum), Mogi das Cruzes, Brasil
06-01-19 José Lucas do Nascimento (Flum), Mogi das Cruzes, Brasil
06-01-19 Luis Miguel dos Santos Lima (Flum), Mogi das Cruzes, Brasil
06-01-19 Mario Vinicius Silveira Ferraz (Flum), Mogi das Cruzes, Brasil
06-01-19 Moacir Rodrigo Aparecido Marcos Robeiro (Flum), Mogi das Cruzes, Brasil
06-01-19 Pablo Henrique Junior de Morais (Flum), Mogi das Cruzes, Brasil
11-01-19 Geovanny Mauricio Martinez Morales (PCM-ElSal), Lurin, Peru
11-01-19 Adrián Flores Flores (PCM-Mex), Lurin, Peru
12-01-19 Manuel Villareal Franco (Baet-Ven), Mèrida, Venezuela
13-01-19 Bismael Alencar (Pern), São Cristóvão, Brasil
13-01-19 Èverton Ramos (Pern), São Cristóvão, Brasil
13-01-19 Getúlio Freitas (Pern), São Cristóvão, Brasil
13-01-19 João Paulo Prata (Pern), São Cristóvão, Brasil
13-01-19 Lealdo Bispo (Pern), São Cristóvão, Brasil
13-01-19 Markyllson Domingos (Pern), São Cristóvão, Brasil
13-01-19 Rafael Fonseca (Pern), São Cristóvão, Brasil
13-01-19 Rafael Magalhães (Pern). São Cristóvão, Brasil
13-01-19 Ronam Rodrigues (Pern), São Cristóvão, Brasil
13-01-19 Devanir Da Silva (Par), São Cristóvão, Brasil
30-01-19 Evir Jesús Zambrano Ríos (PCM-Per), Lima, Peru

Professio Solemnis
17-01-19 Santos Cecilio Hernandez (PCM-ElSal), San Salvador, El Salvador
26-01-19 M. Damaris Acevedo López (MAY), Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

Ordinatio Diaconalis
05-01-19 Gregorio Vazquez (PCM), Washington D.C., USA
19-01-19 Marius Budau (Ita), Roma, Italia
19-01-19 Santos Cecilio Hernandez (PCM-ElSal), San Marcos, El Salvador

Ordinatio Sacerdotalis
06-01-19 Kuriakose Lijo Kavanukattil (Ind), Rajakumari, Kerala, India

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As Carmelites We live our life of allegiance to Jesus Christ and to serve Him faithfully with a pure heart and a clear conscience through a commitment to seek the face of the living God (the contemplative dimension of life), through prayer, through fraternity, and through service (diakonia). These three fundamental elements of the charism are not distinct and unrelated values, but closely interwoven. 

All of these we live under the protection, inspiration and guidance of Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, whom we honor as "our Mother and sister." 


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