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Marian Shrines

Photo: Sanctuary Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel - Valletta

During her life on earth, the Blessed Virgin Mary showed herself to be the perfect image for the disciple of Christ. For this reason, in her apostolic mission the Church follows the example of the Virgin Mother of God - the perfect model of the following of Christ - especially in her commitment to our redemption, which Mary actively participated in from her "Fiat" to the Incarnation, to her presence at the foot of the Cross, and in her solidarity with the first Christian community gathered in prayer.

Veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the obligation to spread this devotion, are intrinsic parts of our Order's mission within the Church. In keeping with the intention of the Church itself, therefore, we generously promote veneration of the Blessed Virgin, especially in the liturgy. The example of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as it emerges from the liturgy itself, will inspire the faithful to imitate their Mother and, through her, her Son. This will lead them to celebrate the mysteries of Christ with the same dispositions and attitudes with which the Virgin contemplated her Son in Bethlehem, in Nazareth, and in his self-emptying, and exulted together with all of her new children at his Resurrection.

As Carmelites, we express our devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel by celebrating her Commemoration every year with special solemnity. All other Marian feasts included in the liturgical calendar are also celebrated solemnly. The Marian shrines in which we exercise our apostolate and to which the faithful traditionally come in large numbers, are held in high regard. They strive to be more and more centres where the Word is prayerfully heard and where there is liturgical life. In particular, our shrines endeavour to become centres of reflection on the path taken by Mary and centres of evangelisation, with special attention to popular devotion to the one who is Mother of God, of the Church, and of all humanity. Shrines also have an exemplary function: they are places of welcome, attracting vocations; places of solidarity, providing services to needy brothers and sisters; places of ecumenical commitment with meetings and prayers.

Faithful to the spiritual heritage of our Order, we seek to channel our diverse works to the goal of promoting the search for God and the life of prayer. In our various apostolates we are inspired by Mary: her presence among the Apostles; her motherhood of the Church, which she received at the foot of the Cross; her attentiveness to the Word of God, and her total obedience to the divine will. To this end, we Carmelites foster and nourish among the people the memory of Mary and devotion to her.

Some Marian Shrines Run by Carmelites

  • Australia
National Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel - Middle Park, Victoria
Email: carmcent @
Tel: +61-3-9690.8822 - Fax: +61-3-9696.0207
  • Great Britain
Shrine of Our Lady of the Assumption - Maidstone (England)
Email: friarsreception @
Tel: +44-1622-717.272 - Fax: +44-1622-715 575
National Shrine of Scotland - Motherwell (Scotland)
Tel: +44-1698-263.308 - Fax: +44-1698-230.988
  • Italy
Basilica Santuario del Carmine - Catania
Tel: +39-095-7152418
Santuario S. Maria delle Grazie - Jesi (AN)
Tel: +39-0731-53225
Santuario del Carmine - San Felice del Benaco (BS)
Tel: +39-0365-62032 - Fax: +39-365-62364
Santuario Basilica dell'Annunziata - Trapani
Email: trapaniannunziata @
Tel: +39-0923-539184; 537455 - Fax: +39-0923-537455
Santuario Basilica del Carmine Maggiore - Napoli
Tel: +39-081-201196 / 201942 / 200605 - Fax: +39-081-5535833
Chiesa del Carmine - Sorrento (Napoli)
Tel. & Fax: +39-081-8781416
Santuario Santa Maria del Toro - Vico Equense (Napoli)
Tel. & Fax: +39-081-8798190
Parrocchia del Carmine - Messina
Tel: +39-090-717089/662196 - Fax: +39-090-662070
  • Malta
Sanctuary Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel - Valletta
Tel: +356-233808
  • Spain
Basílica Nuestra Señora del Carmen Coronada - Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)
Tel: +34-956-341434 - Fax: +34-956-344472
Santuario Ntra. Sra. de la Esperanza - Onda (Castellón)
Tel: +34-964-601394
  • United States
The National Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel - Middletown, New York
Email: nsolmc @
Tel: +1-914-343.1879 - Fax: +1-914-343.1912
As Carmelites We live our life of allegiance to Jesus Christ and to serve Him faithfully with a pure heart and a clear conscience through a commitment to seek the face of the living God (the contemplative dimension of life), through prayer, through fraternity, and through service (diakonia). These three fundamental elements of the charism are not distinct and unrelated values, but closely interwoven. 

All of these we live under the protection, inspiration and guidance of Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, whom we honor as "our Mother and sister."