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General Delegation of France

In 1240 there was a Carmelite foundation in Les Aygalades (the first in France), near Marseilles and in Nantes in 1318. In the year 1789 the Order had eight Provinces and 153 houses in France. The French Revolution of the same year resulted in the extinction of the Carmelite Order in that country.

In September 1988, the first contact was made with the French bishops of Bourges and Nantes. The first three Carmelites went to Bourges and Villefranche in 1989. At present the General Delegation is made up of about 6 religious coming from different Carmelite Provinces. It now has two houses in Nantes and Angers. For more informations:

Frères Carmes
8, Rue Vauvert
49100 ANGERS
Tél. +33 (0)2.41.343639

Convent des Carmes
Notre Dame de Lumières
Rue Titus Brandsma
Ile de Beaulieu
44200 NANTES
Tél. +33 (0)


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