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Wednesday, 29 September 2021 12:47

Brandsma Writings Now Available in English

Edizioni Carmelitane announces that the first of a multi volume series of the writings of Titus Brandsma is now available. The book has received very positive reviews with great anticipation for the publication of the remaining volumes. What sets this series apart is that it captures Brandsma in his own words and not through the filter of later studies.

Entitled Titus Brandsma: Mysticism in Action, this first volume of 287 pages, shows Titus as “a philosopher, priest, leader of Catholic schools and Catholic journalism, as a brother to Carmelites, member of his family, native Frisian, a free and authentic thinker, a champion of peace, activist against poverty, pro animal welfare, a prisoner, and a faithful martyr.” The book brings Brandsma alive by reprinting letters from Brandsma to a variety of friends and family as well as others, as well as some of his speeches and entries he authored in encyclopedias.

Among the writings included is Brandsma’s famous address, The Idea of God (Godsbegrip) to the community of the Catholic University of Nijmegan when he became rector magnificus in 1932. Brandsma’s very wide range of interests in many areas of life are represented here. He developed an explicitly Christian perspective on whatever topic he studied. Of course, we see the beginnings of his commitment to truth. It was this commitment that brought him into direct confrontation with the Nazi authorities and ultimately led to his murder for the faith.

Whether you consider yourself an expert on Brandsma or this is your first encounter with this fascinating Carmelite, this book will hold your interest.

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