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Wednesday, 13 October 2021 09:06

Feast of St. Teresa of Jesus

On October 15th we celebrate the feast of St. Teresa of Jesus (or of Avila), Virgin and Doctor of the Church.

Saint Teresa is among the most important figures of all time for Catholic spirituality.

Her works-- especially the four best known (The Life, The Way of Perfection, The Interior Castle and The Book of Foundations)-- together with her more historical works, contain a doctrine which encompasses the whole of the spiritual life, from the first steps right up to intimacy with God at the center of the Interior Castle.

Her Letters show her occupied with a great variety of everyday problems.

Her doctrine on the unity of the soul with God follows the Carmelite tradition which had preceded her and to which she herself contributed in such a notable way, enriching it as well as passing the tradition on, not only to her spiritual sons and daughters, but also to the whole Church which she served so unsparingly.

Too many confuse being loved with love itself. Love is outgoing, unselfish, active. It means giving rather than self-seeking. It strives to please rather than be pleased.

In Saint Teresa's own words:

“Perhaps we do not know what love is. It would not surprise me, for love consists not in the extent of our own happiness, but in the firmness of our determination to please God in everything.”

“Let nothing disturb thee;
 Let nothing dismay thee:
 All thing pass;
 God never changes.
 Patience attains
 All that it strives for.
 He who has God
 Finds he lacks nothing:
 God alone suffices.”

Read St. Teresa's bio here

Read the Message of Pope Francis to the Bishop of Avila on the occasion of the opening of the Teresian Jubilee year on October 15, 2014, here

Read the words of Pope Benedict XVI on St. Teresa during the General Audience of February 2, 2011, here

To learn more about the life of St. Teresa and her work and legacy, we suggest reading the book The Heirs of St. Teresa of Avila, published by Edizioni Carmelitane.

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