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Wednesday, 19 January 2022 07:13

Causa Nostrae Laetitia - Nov/Dec 2021

Initium Novitiatus

14-11-21 Mary Karen Wambura of St. John of the Cross (MAC) Machakos, Kenya
14-11-21 Mary Margaret of Christ the King (MAC) Machakos, Kenya
14-12-21 Constantino Barreto Amaral (Aust-TO) Middle Park, Victoria, Australia
14-12-21 Moises Soares (Aust-TO) Middle Park, Victoria, Australia
14-21-21 MAnuel Xavier Gonzaga (Aust-TO) Middle Park, Victoria, Australia

Professio Temporanea

21-11-21 Teresa Rosa del Sacro Cuore di Gesù (CAR) Carpineto Romano, Italia

Professio Solemnis

06-11-21 Maria Grazia Panlilo (CAE) Camerino, Italia

Ordinatio Diaconalis

20-11-21 Albino Dos Santos (Aust-TO) Middle Park, Victoria, Australia
14-12-21 Emmanuel Shikoli (Ken) Nkoroi, Kenya

Ordinatio Sacerdotalis

04-12-21 Marlon Beharry (SEL-TT) Middletown, New York, USA
14-12-21 Eugine Ekeya (Ken) Nkoroi, Kenya
14-12-21 Peter Wafula (Ken) Nkoroi, Kenya
14-12-21 Daniel Nthama (Ken) Nkoroi, Kenya

Published in Announcements (CITOC)
Wednesday, 17 November 2021 07:31

Causa Nostrae Laetitia - Oct/Nov 2021

Professio Solemnis
15-11-21 José Ivanildo Justino (Flum) São Paolo, Brazil

Ordinatio Diaconalis
25-10-21 Jean de Dieu Kavunga (Ita-RPC) Kinshasa, Dem Rep Congo
25-10-21 Philéomon Kambale (Ita-RPC) Kinshasa, Dem Rep Congo

Ordinatio Sacerdotalis
25-10-21 Noël Kwaya (Ita-Cong) Kinshasa, Dem Rep Congo
25-10-21 Jean-Claude Isusi (Ita-Cong) Kinshasa, Dem Rep Congo
14-11-21 Andres Nono (Indo) Maumere-Flores, Indonesia
14-11-21 Andreas Yorenus Waji Rasi (Indo) Maumere-Flores, Indonesia
14-11-21 Mariano Puken (Indo) Maumere-Flores, Indonesia
14-11-21 Yeremias Geleta Huler (Indo) Maumere-Flores, Indonesia
14-11-21 Yohanes Palaama Belang (Indo) Maumere-Flores, Indonesia

Published in Announcements (CITOC)
Thursday, 21 October 2021 08:33

Causa Nostrae Laetitia - Iunius/Oct 2021

Initium Novitiatus

24-06-21 Adorn Ansel (STSA) Lisieux Bhavan Chala, India
15-08-21 Patrick Mingard (Gal) Nante, France

Professio Temporanea

31-08-21 Giovanna D'Aniello (SAR) Sogliano al Rubicone, Italia

Professio Solemnis

16-07-21 Matteo Antonllini (Ita) Castellina, Italia
04-09-21 Maria Sabrina Fubelli (CAR) Carpineto Romano, Italia
08-09-21 Mary Jackline Bochaberi of the Cross (MAC) Machakos, Kenya
08-09-21 Mary Veronica Muthini of Christ the King (MAC) Machakos, Kenya
11-09-21 Richard Philip Green (Brit) Aylesford, England

Ordinatio Diaconalis

03-07-21 Alfredo Pisana (Ita) Torrespaccata, Italia
17-10-21 Emery Losinu (Ita-Cong) Butempo, Dem Rep Congo
17-10-21 Samuel Ndjate (Ita-Cong) Butempo, Dem Rep Congo

Ordinatio Sacerdotalis

20-08-21 Mário Josué Bernando Alves (Pern) Jaboatão dos Guasarapes, Brasil
21-08-21 Jorge da Costa Silva (Pern) Alagoa Grande, Brasil
25-09-21 Bruno Castro Shoder (Rio) São Paulo, Brasil
17-10-21 Matthias Mukombozi (Ita-Cong) Butempo, Dem Rep Congo
17-10-21 Gilbert Paluku (Ita-Cong) Butempo, Dem Rep Congo
17-10-21 Charles Kambale (Ita-Cong) Butempo, Dem Rep Congo
17-10-21 Innocent Djomby (Ita-Cong) Butempo, Dem Rep Congo

Published in Announcements (CITOC)
Wednesday, 22 September 2021 08:29

Causa Nostrae Laetitia - Augustus/Sept 2021

Initium Novitiatus

14-08-21 Simplisius Seke Kawa (Indo-Flores) Maumere, Indonesia
14-08-21 Fridolin De’e (Indo-Flores) Maumere, Indonesia
14-08-21 Yohanes Delasale Bao (Indo-Flores) Maumere, Indonesia
14-08-21 Fransiskus Solanus Ngozo (Indo-Flores) Maumere, Indonesia
14-08-21 Antonius Du’a (Indo-Flores) Maumere, Indonesia
14-08-21 Marseliano Hernan Bagio (Indo-Flores) Maumere, Indonesia
14-08-21 Hubertus Benge Ratu (Indo-Flores) Maumere, Indonesia
14-08-21 Roman Rofinus Nganja (Indo-Flores) Maumere, Indonesia
14-08-21 Carlos Demitrio Staren Djaman (Indo-Flores) Maumere, Indonesia
14-08-21 Markus Apryaldi Purnama (Indo-Flores) Maumere, Indonesia
14-08-21 Marianus Soni Jaya Mahe (Indo-Flores) Maumere, Indonesia
14-08-21 Berno Andrianus (Indo-Flores) Maumere, Indonesia
14-08-21 Epi Pianus Gregorius Gadja Wora (Indo-Flores) Maumere, Indonesia
14-08-21 Stanis Rikardus Aprinus (Indo-Flores) Maumere, Indonesia
14-08-21 Bonaventura Marciano Thomas Ire (Indo-Flores) Maumere, Indonesia
14-08-21 Hendrikus Thomas Temongmere (Indo-Flores) Maumere, Indonesia
15-08-21 Patrick Mingaro (Gal) Nantes, France
29-08-21 Stefanus Jemmy Handira (Indo) Batu, Indonesia
29-08-21 Matius Pilalek Sapokkak (Indo) Batu, Indonesia
29-08-21 Trisantus Sihombing (Indo) Batu, Indonesia
29-08-21 Kiki Forfius Situmorang (Indo) Batu, Indonesia
29-08-21 Tumpal Parulian Alexandris Sinurat (Indo) Batu, Indonesia
29-08-21 Gian Suharjo Situmorang (Indo) Batu, Indonesia
29-08-21 Reinhard Mayliano Forthe Gama (Indo) Batu, Indonesia
29-08-21 Albertus Bagus Kartiko Wijaya (Indo) Batu, Indonesia
29-08-21 Yohanes Dian Anugrah Simanjorang (Indo) Batu, Indonesia
03-09-21 Achille Ango (Ger-Cam)
03-09-21 Alphonse Marie de Liguori Engal III (Ger-Cam)
03-09-21 Benjamin Yutcha Tedonang Yemele (Ger-Cam)
03-09-21 Eric Bahati Kodjo (Ita-Con)
03-09-21 Bertrand Gangnon (Baet-Bur)
03-09-21 Anderson Nana (Baet-Bur)
03-09-21 Fernand Yameogo (Baet-Bur)
12-09-21 Salvatore D'Antuono (Brun)
12-09-21 José Luis Lebron Carela (ACV-Rep.Dom)
12-09-21 Laurentiu Francu (Ita-Rom)
12-09-21 Germán Pérez Contreras (ACV-Rep.Dom)
12-09-21 Matthew Galloway Janvier (Brit)
12-09-21 Alexander de Jesús Batista Almonte (ACV-Rep.Dom)
12-09-21 Alex Trani (Brun)
12-09-21 Marco Figuccio (Ita)

Professio Temporanea

15-08-21 Mary Irene Nzilani of Our Lady of Sorrows (MAC) Machakos, Kenya
15-08-21 Mary Eunice Mwikali of the Holy Angels (MAC) Machakos, Kenya
04-09-21 Boris Fokou Lamago (Ger-Cam)
04-09-21 George Maurice Ondoua Atedzoe (Ger-Cam)
04-09-21 Jude Sahla Madmo (Ger-Cam)
04-09-21 Achille Sylvain Babassagana (Ger-Cam)
04-09-21 Eric Ilboudo (Baet-Bur)
04-09-21 Yves Roland Zongo (Baet-Bur)
08-09-21 Elisha Marie of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (CHR) Christoval, USA
08-09-21 Andrew Raftis (LAK) Lake Elmo, USA
12-09-21 Michele Silvi (Ita) Jesi, Italia

Professio Solemnis

21-08-21 David Ulises Garcia Hernández (PCM-ES), San Salvador, El Salvador
21-08-21 José Aristides Menjivar Larios (PCM-ES), San Salvador, El Salvador
21-08-21 Von Erick Sandoval (SEL), Middletown, New York
29-08-21 María Martha Matata (MON) Torre de Moncorvo, Portugal
08-09-21 Andrew Raftis (LAK) Lake Elmo, Minnesota
11-09-21 Joseph Bacye (Beat-Bur) Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkino Faso
17-09-21 Itamar dos Santos Neri (Pern) Olinda, Brazil

Ordinatio Diaconalis

22-08-21 José Aristides Menjivar Larios (PCM-ES), Nuova Cuscatlan, El Salvador

Ordinatio Sacerdotalis

14-09-21 Giovanni Paolo Sarcinella (Ita), Roma, Italia

Published in Announcements (CITOC)
Friday, 02 July 2021 14:15

Pastoral in Kenya during COVID-19

The year 2020 will go into the history books! Like most countries, Kenya was not spared the Corona pandemic. Though compared to many other countries, especially in the West, they were not very badly affected.

Covid-19 arrived in Kenya early March 2020 and ever so slowly started spreading from the capital city, Nairobi, to the towns and villages. The country went into a severe lock down from April through July 2020. Businesses, educational institutions, and churches, among others, were most affected among others. Some institutions were closed.

The Carmelite Delegation in Kenya was not spared. When the lockdowns were announced, all the students in formation were sent to their families where they stayed for the duration. Other religious institutions and dioceses did the same to avoid infections and the spread of the disease. "We felt it prudent to have the minimum number of people around", remarked Fr. Boniface Kimondolo, O. Carm.

The General Delegation has six priests, three deacons, one brother with simple vows, three novices, and eight postulants. They are divided into two communities which are located near to each other. Nearby these communities they have one parish which also serves an outstation. This is a small church which is two kms away from the parish center and serves a population of around fifty families.

"It was not easy to live through such moments. We were without our people. We could only pray and do a few activities in the community", commented Fr Boniface.

A parish in Kenya is seen as a charity center. Covid-19 brought many difficulties to many families. "People came to us asking for financial help and food. We could only share the little we had. From time to time, we received donations from some generous people. This greatly helped those who were most affected!", stated Fr. Boniface.

Fr. Boniface revealed that "people were always at our door. The needs were great. Many people lost their jobs. Families were forced to live together for long periods of time. Arguments arose between children and parents as well as between the couples themselves. The church became a centre for counselling on a daily basis. Through it all, the Carmelites did their best. Still today we are ministering almost the same way with people coming to our door asking for help", he concluded.

After the lockdowns which were difficult, the government started slowly opening up some counties and towns. The students came back in July 2020 for the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Since then, life started getting back to somewhat normal in the Carmelite communities. The churches were partially opened and people returned. Also the students “returned” to school through studies on-line.

In Kenya, as well as many parts of Africa, large numbers of people attend church on Sundays. The church in Nkoroi has a capacity of one thousand people. They used to celebrate three Masses every Sunday in normal times. When the church re-opened after the lockdowns were lifted, they followed the ministry of health protocols. Therefore the church only had seating for three hundred people.

"We had to create space in the church hall. But we still could not accommodate all the faithful. We came up with the idea for a drive-in Mass. This could accommodate any of the parishioners who drive", stressed Fr Boniface. 

The idea worked well and until today they have several celebrations, including the drive-in Mass. The people drive up in their cars to a prepared field. They park and listen to Mass from inside their vehicles through the speakers. They only leave their cars to receive Holy Communion. After receiving, they get back into their cars. When Mass is over, they drive out and others come in for the next Mass. They now have two drive-in Masses every Sunday.

"Life seems to be slowly returning to normal. We hope all will be well soon!", concluded Fr. Boniface.

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Monday, 22 March 2021 23:27

Causa Nostrae Laetitiae - Februarius 2021

Initium Novitiatus

  • 01-02-21 Martin Thomas (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 01-02-21 John Rajesh (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 01-02-21 Philip Nery C. (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 01-02-21 Francis Godwin (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 01-02-21 Bonifus Binoj (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 01-02-21 Fabin Therese (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 01-02-21 Ansbert Akhil (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 01-02-21 Rocky Manu (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 01-02-21 Jonatus Jinu (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 01-02-21 Raphael Likhen Nayak (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 06-02-21 Anderkleyton dos Santos (Pern) São Cristovão, Brasil
  • 06-02-21 Bruno Augusto Viana  (Pern) São Cristovão, Brasil
  • 06-02-21 David dos Santos (Pern) São Cristovão, Brasil 
  • 06-02-21 Harrison Antas dos Santos Cordeiro (Pern) São Cristovão, Brasil
  • 06-02-21 Johnny Cley Bezerra Alves de Queiroz (Pern) São Cristovão, Brasil
  • 06-02-21 Márcio Felipe da Silva (Pern) São Cristovão, Brasil
  • 06-02-21 Erick Henrique Alves da Silva (Par) São Cristovão, Brasil
  • 14-02-21 Nuno Nixon (STSA) Kannur, Kerala, India

Professio Temporanea

  • 02-02-21 M. Theresia Peny Wulakada, Batu, Indonesia
  • 02-02-21 M. Martina Sukini Situngkir, Batu, Indonesia

Professio Solemnis

  • 02-02-21 M. Lucy Nthule (MAC), Machakos, Kenia
  • 07-02-21 María Lucía Vargas Martínez (SDO), Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
  • 13-02-21 Douglas Rafael Mendivil Martelo (Ita-Col), Colombia
  • 13-02-21 Lizwaun Martínez Guerra (Ita-Col), Columbia
  • 13-02-21 Juan Garbriel Arrieta Zambrano (Ita-Col), Columbia
  • 13-02-21 Juan Camilo Rada Pardo (Ita-Col), Columbia

Ordinatio Diaconalis

  • 11-02-21 Paul Kaptain Pakao (Phil), New Manila, Quezon City, Pilipinas
  • 11-02-21 Vinson P. Luayon (Phil), New Manila, Quezon City, Pilipinas
  • 11-02-21 Leo A. Nebril (Phil), New Manila, Quezon City, Pilipinas

Ordinatio Sacerdotalis

  • 02-02-21 Aniceto Rodriguez III (Phil), San Francisco, Agusan del Sur, Pilipinas
  • 11-02-21 Michael L. Condes (Phil), New Manila, Quezon City, Pilipinas
  • 11-02-21 Ritche T. Salgado (Phil), New Manila, Quezon City, Pilipinas
  • 11-02-21 Christopher F. Labrador (Phil), New Manila, Quezon City, Pilipinas
  • 14-02-21 Emmanuel Ngona Malobi (Ita-Con), Roma, Italia
  • 22-02-21 Joiezl Fern S. Piñon (Phil), Talamban, Cebu City, Pilipinas
Published in Announcements (CITOC)
Monday, 18 January 2021 02:58

Zimbabwe-Commissariat of Irish Province

The presence of Carmelites in the Provincial Commissariat of Zimbabwe began in 1946 with the missionary work of the Carmelites of the Irish Province. There are currently about 50 friars living in this country.

Mount Carmel
2 Ridgeway North
Post Bag CH 530
Tel. +263 4-495648/490874
Fax +263 4-490599

St Joseph’s Priory
44, Jesmond Road
P.O. Box H. 34
Tel./Fax +263 4-572279

St Alois Parish Chitungwiza
P.O. Box H34

St Agnes Parish
P.O. Box ZG35

Carmelite Priory
9, Third Street
P.O. Box 259
Tel. +263 20-63413
Fax +263 20-68758

St Joseph’s Mission
P.O. Box 43
Tel. +263 20-60909

St Simon Stock
P.O. Box 128
Tel. +263 25-2428

Prophet Elijah Priory
P.O. Box 276
Tel. +263 25-83305

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The mission in the Tanzanian land was founded in 2009 by the initiative of the General Commissariat of La Bruna-Naples. There are currently 8 Tanzanian friars living in this country.

Carmelite Friars
Chang 'Ombe Mission
P.O. Box 7765

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Monday, 18 January 2021 02:57

Mozambique - Province of Pernambuco

In 1998, the Pernambucan Province began the mission "ad gentes" in Mozambique. There are currently 10 friars living in this country.

Convento São José
Frades Carmelitas
Rua Gil Vicente, 36 - Coop
Tel. +258 21759885

Convento Stella Maris
Rua da Mafureira – Quarteirão 64
Talhão 629 – B. Khongolote

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Monday, 18 January 2021 02:56

General Delegation of Kenya

On July 16, the Solemn Commemoration of our Lady of Mount Carmel, in our house in Nairobi (Bustani ya Karmeli), was consigned the decree of canonical erection of the General Delegation of Kenya, which will be under the patronage of Our Lady of Carmel.

The Carmelite mission in this country was started by the Upper Germany Province in collaboration with the Arago-Valentina, and Catalunian Provinces. At present the General Delegation has 8 religious who work in Kenya.

Bustani ya Karmeli
P.O. Box 167
Tel. + 254 724320662/717252213

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