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Venerdì, 16 Aprile 2010 20:02

September - October 2007

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No. 71          22/IX/2007
Chapter of the Monastery of Our Lady of Nazareth in Cabanatuan City,
Philippines (CAB)


The Elective Chapter of the Carmelite Monastery of
Our Lady of Nazareth in Cabanatuan City, Philippines was held on August
17, 2007, presided by Bishop Sofronio A. Bancud, SSS, of the Diocese of
The following were elected:
     Prioress: Mother Mª
Dorotea of the Soul of Christ Santiago, O. Carm.
     1st Councilor:
Sr. Mª Leoncia of Jesus Sampana, O. Carm.
     2nd Councilor: Sr. Mª
Elena of the Holy Face Santos, O. Carm.
     3rd Councilor: Sr. Mª
Herminia of Jesus de la Cruz, O. Carm.
     4th Councilor: Sr. Mª
Regina of Jesus Gutierrez, O. Carm.
     Director of Novices: Sr. Mª
Elena of the Holy Face Santos, O. Carm.
     Treasurer: Sr. Mª Regina
of Jesus Gutierrez, O. Carm.
     Sacristan: Sr. Mª del Carmen of
the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cacayurin, O. Carm.


No. 70          21/IX/2007
Pope Benedict XVI Greets
Carmelite Family During Audience


The members of the General Chapter as well as the
members of the Carmelite Family attending the Chapter as guests were
welcomed by Pope Benedict XVI during his weekly audience in St. Peter's
Square on Wednesday, September 19. The Carmelites were among 15,000
other pilgrims.
Following the audience, the new Prior General, Fr.
Fernando Millán, greeted Pope Benedict on behalf of the Carmelite
Family. While being introduced to the new Vice General of the Order, Fr.
Christian Körner, a Bavarian as is the Pope, His Holiness recalled his
visit to the Carmelite church and monastery in Straubing, Germany. While
on vacation with his brother some years ago, the then Cardinal
Ratzinger dropped in unexpectedly to visit the Carmelites.


No. 69          21/IX/2007
Amadeo Verdirosi, O. Carm.


   Fr. Amadeo Verdirosi, a member of the Italian
Province, died on September 17, 2007. He was 84 years old.
Amadeo was born on December 2, 1922 in Tolfa (Rome). He made his simple
profession on October 5, 1939 and was ordained a priest on July 15,


No. 68          15/IX/2007
Introducing the New
Prior General of the Carmelite Order, Fr. Fernando Millán, O. Carm.


Most Reverend Fernando Millán Romeral was elected
the Prior General of the Carmelite Order during the Carmelite General
Chapter being held in Sassone, Italy.
Fr. Millán studied in Spain as
well as at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, and in Ireland.
He holds a degree in Philosophy, a license in Dogmatic Theology and a
doctorate in Theology. Until his election, he was a professor of
Theology at the Pontifical University of Comillas and a member of the
Carmelite Institute in Rome. He served as the Provincial Councilor for
Formation in his home province of Baetica in southern Spain. He also
served on various commissions.
Fr. Millán was born in Madrid, Spain
on August 19, 1962. He made his simple profession on October 3, 1982 and
was ordained priest on January 21, 1989. His parents are deceased. His
brother and family live in Madrid.
The last prior general of the
Carmelites from Spain was in the early 1800’s.


No. 67          14/IX/2007
Election for the General
Councilors of the Carmelite Order


The Order of Carmelites is celebrating its General
Chapter at Sassone, Italy until September 22, 2007. Today the General
Councilors of the Order were elected:
Africa: Desiré Unen Alimange,
O. Carm. (RDC)
America: Raul Maravi, O. Carm. (PCM - P)
Asia -
Australia - Oceania: Albertus Herwanta, O. Carm. (Indo)
Europe: John
Keating, O. Carm. (Hib)


No. 66          13/IX/2007
Elections for Prior General,
Vice Prior General, Bursar General, and Procurator General at the
General Chapter of the Carmelites


The Order of Carmelites is celebrating its General
Chapter at Sassone, Italy until September 22, 2007.
Elected to serve
in the Order's leadership were:
Prior General: Fernando Millán, O.
Carm. (Baet)
Vice General: Christian Körner, O. Carm. (GerS)
General: Kevin Alban, O. Carm. (Brit)
Procurator General: Josef
Jancar, O. Carm. (BM)
The General Councilors for the Order will be
elected on September 14th.


No. 65          9/IX/2007
Update on the General Chapter


No. 64          9/IX/2007
Carmelites Hailed as Teachers
of Prayer


Pope Says Hearts Fall in Love in Carmelite Schools
of Prayer
Being Christian is not about espousing ideas or making
moral choices, but about encountering a person, says Benedict XVI,
according to a report published by in Rome. The Pope expressed
this in a message he wrote to Father Joseph Chalmers, Prior General of
the Order of the Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel,
who are gathered for their General Chapter in Rome through Sept. 22.
first Carmelites, "welcoming the lordship of Christ over their lives,
made themselves available to be transformed by his love. This is the
fundamental decision that every Christian faces," he added.
The Pope
commented on the theme of the general chapter: "'In Obsequio Jesu
Christi': A Prayerful and Prophetic Community in a Changing World." He
said the theme "well highlights the particular manner in which the
Carmelite Order seeks to respond to God's love, through a life infused
with prayer, fraternity and the prophetic spirit."
"With their eyes
fixed on Christ and trusting in the help of the saints who during the
last eight centuries have incarnated the dictates of the Rule of Carmel,
each member of the Order of Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of
Mount Carmel feels called to be a credible witness of the spiritual
dimension of every human being," Benedict XVI said.
Read the Entire
Text from


No. 63          7/IX/2007
Erick St. John (PCM)


Erick St. John, a novice with the Most Pure Heart
of Mary province, died on September 3, 2007. He was found unconscious in
his room at the novitiate and died later at a local hospital. The cause
of death was a massive pulmonary thromboembolism.
Please remember
Erik, his family, and the members of the PCM/SEL joint novitiate in your
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