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Friday, 22 April 2022 13:27

Recent Books on Titus Brandsma

A limited supply of these books (and more!) will be available at the Titus Brandsma Center during the days of the canonization (Hours of operation to be announced). The center is located in the parish hall in the Carmelite church on the Via della Conciliazione, the street leading into the Vatican. The hall is easily accessible from Borgo S. Angelo (across from the Passetto, which connects the Vatican to Castel San Angelo).

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Fernando Millán Romeral. Truth in Love – Titus Brandsma, Carmelite.

Printed Edition ISBN: 978-1-936742-29-5 - 138 pages.  Euro US$19.95. Also available as an e-book on Apple Books and Amazon for US$10.99

The English translation of Fr. Fernando’s well-documented research into the life and spirituality of Titus Brandsma and its effect today. As a vice-postulator for the cause for canonization of Fr. Titus and former prior general of the Carmelite Order, Fr. Fernando is extremely knowledgeable about the Fr. Titus’ spirituality and draws out connections not found in other works on Brandsma. This volume in English has been amplified with recent information uncovered by Fr. Fernando which is not in previous translations. Written in a very familiar storytelling style, the reader will find the rich spirituality of this Carmelite saint very accessible.

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Titus Brandsma: Letters to the Family
Collected Works, vol 2

Edited by Elisabeth Hense and Joseph Chalmers. Published by Edizioni Carmelitane – 2021 – 526 pages. Euro 46,00 - US$55.00.  Also available as an e-book on Apple Books and Amazon for US$27.99

This second volume of the collected works of Titus Brandsma brings together his numerous writings to his parents, siblings, and other family members. While much of his correspondence has been lost, this collection shows the depth of Blessed Titus’ attachment and concern for his family. He discusses many of the important family matters as well as shares in their joys and sorrows, advises the family on difficult decision, and also writes about his own life and his concerns. He never forgot a birthday, name day, profession day, wedding day, or religious feast day of his relatives— all remembered with a letter or card.

The cards and letters also give a sense of how well-travelled Blessed Titus was due to his work for the Dutch province of the Order as well as his many civic, educational, and Church commitments.

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Titus Brandsma: Mysticism in Action
Collected Works, vol 1

Edited by Elisabeth Hense and Joseph Chalmers. Published by Edizioni Carmelitane – 2021 – 273 pages – Extensive bibliography. Euro 25,00 - US$30.00. Also available as an e-book on Apple Books and Amazon for US$15.00

This is the first volume of a multi volume series, containing the translations into English of Fr. Titus Brandsma’s writings. This book gives an insight into his scholarly work, his social commitment, and his personal relationships. The texts selected here date from the period 1904 to 1942.

Brandsma resolutely opposed the National Socialist (Nazi) movement. He developed an explicitly Christian perspective on the themes of mysticism and spirituality, social teaching, peace and disarmament, heroism, journalism, and education, the fight against poverty- all issues in Dutch society at the time.

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Miguel Arribas, O. Carm.  The Price of Truth: Titus Brandsma, Carmelite.

2021. Printed Edition ISBN: 978-1-936742-26-4 - eBook ISBN: 978-1-936742-27-1. 331 pages - Extensive bibliography. Also available as an e-book on Apple Books and Amazon for US$12.99

An extensive biography of St. Titus Brandsma, Carmelite and martyr for the Catholic faith. Fr. Arribas wrote this biography based on the acts of the process of canonization as well as biographies in various languages. To better understand Brandsma’s spiritual journey, the author visited The Netherlands and Germany, in pilgrimage to the places of birth, life, and death of this “martyr for freedom of expression.”

Brandsma led a simple life even though he was a multifaceted priest, mystic, a passionate journalist, “rector magnificus” of the Catholic University of Nijmegan, and a courageous witness for Christ, even to the point of giving his own life for the truth.

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Titus Brandsma: Carmelite Educator - Carmelite Mystic - Carmelite Martyr - Spiritual Guide
Boxed Set of Four Books

Published by Carmelite Media. Euro 23.00 - US$25.00

A four-book boxed set contains writings by and about Carmelite Titus Brandsma that explore Titus' experiences as an educator, mystic, martyr, and spiritual guide. Set includes:

  • Carmelite Mysticism-Historical Sketches by Titus Brandsma, O. Carm., (85 pages)
  • Friar Against Fascism by Leopold Glueckert, O. Carm. (24 pages)
  • Meditations with Titus Brandsma by Jane Lytle-Vierira (25 pages)
  • Meditations on the Way of the Cross of Albert Servaes by Titus Brandsma, O. Carm. (56 pages)

Each book is also available individually (only directly from Carmelite Media []).

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Tito Brandsma, O. Carm. Bellezza del Carmelo:
Appunti storici di mistica carmelitana. Via Crucis. Pace e amore per la pace.

Published by Edizioni Carmelitane (In Italian) - First Reprinting: 2015 - 161 pages.

This book is a brief description of Carmelite spirituality, with historical notes and links to the prominent figures of Carmelite spirituality. The second part of the book contains the Stations of the Cross in the form of a dialogue and a description of the scenes. Written by St. Titus Brandsma with his exposition and spirituality as a teacher and journalist during World War II.

The book contains three writings of Blessed Titus Brandsma: Beauty of Carmel, historical notes of Carmelite mysticism, which constitute the first attempt at a historical synthesis of the spirituality of Carmel. Way of the Cross, contemplative meditation of the fourteen stations of this traditional exercise of piety, so dear to the Christian heart. Peace and Love for Peace, an impassioned lecture given by Prof. Bransma in 1931, but with content very applicable to today.

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