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Theresianum, BumbergVatican Council II, when speaking of the universal right to education, declares that "Since every man of whatever race, condition, and age is endowed with the dignity of a person, he has an inalienable right to an education corresponding to his proper destiny and suited to his native talents, his sex, his cultural background, and his ancestral heritage. At the same time, this education should pave the way to brotherly association with other peoples, so that genuine unity and peace on earth may be promoted. For a true education aims at the formation of the human person with respect to his ultimate goal, and simultaneously with respect to the good of those societies of which, as a man, he is a member, and in whose responsibilities, as an adult, he will share.
As a consequence, with the help of advances in psychology and in the art and science of teaching, children and young people should be assisted in the harmonious development of their physical, moral, and intellectual endowments. Surmounting hardships with a gallant and steady heart, they should be helped to acquire gradually a more mature sense of responsibility toward ennobling their own lives through constant effort, and toward pursuing authentic freedom. As they advance in years, they should be given positive and prudent sexual education. Moreover, they should be trained to take their part in social life, so that by proper instruction in necessary and useful skills they can become actively involved in various community organisations, be ready for dialogue with others, and be willing to act energetically on behalf of the common good". (Declaration on Christian Education, n.1)
The Carmelite Constitutions (n.98) exhort its members "we shall be prepared to undertake - in keeping with the legal and pastoral provisions of the Church and of our Order - various forms of apostolate requested by the Church, in accordance with the needs of time and of place". In conformity with these recommendations of the Church and of the Order, Carmelites seek to commit themselves, wherever they may be, to the apostolate of the formation of young people in schools and in other structures.

Some Schools Run by Carmelites


Colegio San Juan de la Cruz
Zulema Lallana (Principal)
Román Velasco Arenas, O.Carm. (Responsible)
Phone: + 54-11-4244 0956
Email: rvelascoarenas @

Instituto Nuestra Señora del Carmen  
Silvina E. Patiño (Principal)
Francisco Ortiz Pérez, O.Carm. (Responsible)
Phone: + 54-11-4244 0956
Email: fco.ortizperez @


Whitefriars College
Paul Cahill, O.Carm. (Principal)
Phone: + 61-39-8728200
Email: principal @


C. Paroquial Nossa Senhora do Carmo
Edmilson Borges de Carvalho, O.Carm. (Principal)
Phone: + 55-44-34231404
Email: freiedmilson @
Emerson Garcia (Co-principal)
Phone: + 55-44-34218220
Email: emersonparoquial @

Nossa Senhora do Carmo
Alberto de Souza, O.Carm. (Principal)
Phone: + 55-61-33462477
Email: freialberto @


El Carmelo CEMEV
Lauro Negri, O.Carm. (Rector)
Phone: + 57-5-6292826
Email: carmelomisionero @
Oliday Silva (Coordinator)
Phone:  + 57-5-6292826
Email: olycarmen @

Democratic Rep. Congo

Collège Saint Élie
Aliti’ang’o Unyuthowun (Principal)
Innocent Ndjabba, O.Carm. (Chaplain)
Phone: +  243-

École Primaire Carmel
Théophile Logosabo (Principal)
Jean Pierre Sumbu, O.Carm. (Chaplain)
Phone: + 243-

Lycée Butembo
Kisokero Kambale (Principal)
Phone: + 243-998777932
Email: lycee_butembo @
Jean de la Croix Dino, O.Carm. (Chaplain)

Dominican Republic

Colegio San Pío X      
Ignacio Oryazabal, O.Carm. (Principal)
Phone: + 1-809-688 7144


Roland Hinzer, O.Carm. (Principal)
Phone: + 49-951-952240
Email: direktorat @


Mount Carmel College
Phone: + 91-994-7383242

Mount Carmel School
Phone: + 91-851-2238758


SMAK Santo Paulus
Br. Antonius Sumardi, O.Carm.
Phone: + 62-331-421727
Email: @

SMAK Santo Albertus
Maximilian Kolbe Agung Wahyudianto, O.Carm. (Principal)
Phone: + 62-341-564556
Email: sma @


Terenure College
Éanna Óhóbáin, O.Carm. (Principal of High School)
Phone: + 353-1-4904621
Email: fr.eanna @
Michael Troy, O.Carm. (Principal of Grade School)
Phone: + 353-1-4904621
Email: + mfptroy @


Santa Maria del Carmine
Nicola Barbarello, O.Carm. (Responsible)
Phone: + 39-08-81636175
Email: nicolabarbarello @


Saint Elias College
Charles Mallia, O.Carm. (Rector)
Phone: + 356-21484121
Email: rector @


Colegio Nuestra Señora del Carmen
Rodolfo Aznarán, O.Carm. (President)
Phone: + 51-1-7195787
Email: raznaran @
Domingo Lanseros (Principal)
Phone: + 51-1-7195794
Email: lanseros @

I.E. 7701 Nuestra Señora del Carmen
Herbert Pinedo Paz (Principal)
Phone: + 51-1-2471107
Email: instedu7701_nsc @
Eduardo Rivero, O.Carm. (Assessor)
Phone: + 51-1-4460137
Email: frayedu21 @

Institución Educativa Nuestro Salvador
Lia Carrión (Principal)
Phone: + 51-1-2930272
Email: nscarmelita @
Kevin Lafey, O.Carm. (Pastor)
Phone: + 51-1-2930263
Email: klafey @


Fr. Urios High School of Prosperidad
Alaindelon Balasabar, O.Carm.
Phone: + 63-85-2413499
Email: spring_carm @

Mount Carmel College of San Francisco
Alaindelon Balasabar, O.Carm.
Phone: + 63-85-242-3583
Email: spring_carm @

Mount Carmel College of Scalante
Perfecto Ll. Adeva, O.Carm. (President)
Phone: + 63-34-4540212

Mount Carmel High School of Rosario
Alaindelon Balasabar, O.Carm.
Phone: + 63-
Email: spring_carm @

Puerto Rico

Academia Santa Teresita
Tomás Ciscar, O.Carm. (Principal)
Phone: + 1-787-7274260

Nuestra Señora del Rosario
Jorge Betancourt, O. Carm. (Principal)
Phone: + 1-787-8712005
Gabriel Torres Rivera, O.Carm. (Assessor)
Phone: + 1-787-8712222
Email: orgab16 @


Mare de Déu del Carme
Francesc Rubio Hortelano (Principal)
Phone: + 34-93-7351170
Email: direccio @
Xavier Domingo Garmón Calvo, O.Carm. (Responsible)
Phone: + 34-93-73548 77
Email: administracio @

Nuestra Señora del Carmen
Tomás Leal Rodríguez, O.Carm. (Principal)
Phone: + 34-95-2841244
Email: KARMEL @

San José de Begoña
Pablo Herrasti Barbancho, O.Carm. (Principal)
Phone: + 34-91-3584136
Email: sjosebm @

Santa María del Carmen
Juan Pérez Yañez, O.Carm. (Principal)
Phone: + 34-91-3774569
Email: smcarmen @

Virgen del Carmen (Castellón)
Francisco Brun Pérez (Principal)
Phone: + 34-964-521795
Email: francisco @
Juan Gregorio Señor Benedí, O.Carm.
Phone: + 34-964-521795
Email: goyo @

Virgen del Carmen (Onda)
Pedro José Quintana Jiménez (Principal)
Phone: + 34-964-601385
Email: vcarmeno @
Luis Torres Pérez, O.Carm. (Responsible)
Phone: + 34-964-601395
Email: vcarmeno @

United States

Carmel Catholic High School
Judith Mucheck (President)
Phone: + 1-847-3883359
Email: jmucheck @

Crespi Carmelite High School
Thomas Schrader, O.Carm. (President)
Phone: + 1-818-3451672 x 326
Email: tschrader @
Paul Henson, O.Carm. (Principal)
Phone: + 1-818-3451672 x 316
Email: phenson @

Joliet Catholic Academy
Faith Szambelancyk, OSF (President)
Phone: + 1-815-7410588
Email: faith @
Jeff Budz (Principal)
Phone: + 1-815-7410587
Email: jbudz @

Mount Carmel High School
Carl Markelz, O.Carm. (President & Principal)
Phone: + 1-773-3241020
Email: cmarkelz @

Salpointe Catholic High School
Fred Tillotson, O.Carm. (Head of School)
Phone: + 1-520-3276581
Email: president @


Kriste Mambo
Phone: + 263-29-2376


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