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Monday, 21 August 2023 12:27

Causa Nostrae Laetitiae

Province of St. Titus Brandsma -- Philippines Province of St. Titus Brandsma -- Philippines

13-08-23  John Baptist Minh-Duc Nguyen (SEL-V)
13-08-23  Paul Toan Ho (SEL-V)
13-08-23  Peter Vu Nguyen (SEL-V)

16-07-23  Trisantus Sihombing  (Indo) Malang, Indonesia
16-07-23  Kiki Forfius Situmorang  (Indo) Malang, Indonesia
16-07-23  Gian Suharjo Situmorang  (Indo) Malang, Indonesia
16-07-23  Reinhard Mayliano Forthe Gama  (Indo) Malang, Indonesia
16-07-23  Yohanes Dian Anugrah Simanjorang  (Indo) Malang, Indonesia
20-07-23  Simplisius Seke Kawa  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Fridolin De’e  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Yohanes Delasale Bao  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Antonius Du’a  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Marseliano Hernan Bagio  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Hubertus Benge Ratu  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Roman Rofinus Nganja  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Carlos Demitrio Staren Djaman  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Markus Apriyaldi Purnama  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Marianus Soni Jaya Mahe  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Berno Andrianus  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Epi Pianus Gregorius Gadja Wora  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Stanis Rikardus Aprinus  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Bonaventura Marciano Thomas Ire  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Hendrikus Thomans Temongmere   (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
27-07-23  Albert Magbag  (Phil) Quezon City, Philippines
27-07-23  Alfred Perlas  (Phil) Quezon City, Philippines
27-07-23  Rodgen Apor  (Phil) Quezon City, Philippines
14-08-23  Luke Huynh Gia Kieu  (SEL-Viet) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
14-08-23  Anthony Bau Xuan Tran  (SEL-Viet) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
14-08-23  Joseph Dinh Binh Phan  (SEL-Viet) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
14-08-23  Yosef M. Hong-Khanh Nguyen  (SEL-Viet) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
14-08-23  Michael Ni Hoang Nguyen  (SEL-Viet) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

16-07-23  Alfonsus Christ Setiawan  (Indo) Malang, Indonesia
16-07-23  Claudius Willy Ribert Situmorang  (Indo) Malang, Indonesia
20-07-23  Yohanes Seran  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Alexander Raymond Dhena  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Heronimus Muga Wio  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Andrianus Bado Rema  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Arnoldus Reban  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Bonefasius Afandi  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Georgius Ture  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
20-07-23  Wilibrodus Ironius Sebho  (Indo-Est) Wairklau, Indonesia
27-07-23  David Oala  (Phil) Quezon City, Philippines
18-08-23  Ryan-Joseph Resurrección  (PCM) Washington, DC
18-08-23  Roberto Carlos Reyes Castillo  (PCM) Washington, DC

27-07-23  Rio Mar Sindac  (Phil) Quezon City, Philippines
27-07-23  Oscar Robles, Jr.  (Phil) Quezon City, Philippines
27-07-23  Vincent Sumanting  (Phil) Quezon City, Philippines
27-07-23  Kim Paul Escobal  (Phil) Quezon City, Philippines
27-07-23  Marjune Caloring  (Phil) Quezon City, Philippines
12-08-23  Keven Mutsvairo  (Hib-Zim) Harare, Zimbabwe
12-08-23  Gift Chinyadza  (Hib-Zim) Harare, Zimbabwe

15-07-23  Samual Ndjate Kiongo (Ita-Congo) Kinshasa, RDCongo
12-08-23  Shelton Sylvester Zimondi  (Hib-Zim) Harare, Zimbabwe
12-08-23  Underson Musina  (Hib-Zim) Harare, Zimbabwe  
12-08-23  Marvellous Tawanda Murungu  (Hib-Zim) Harare, Zimbabwe

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