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Wednesday, 19 January 2022 07:53

Causa Nostrae Laetitia - Ianuarius 2022

Initium Novitiatus

04-01-22 Kevin Alexander Flores Landaverde (PCM- ES) Lurin, Perú
04-01-22 Noé Marcelo Girón López (PCM-ES) Lurin, Perú
04-01-22 Richard Janson Lachira Alcas (PCM-Peru) Lurin, Perú
04-01-22 Joyser Nestor Laureate Pereyra (PCM-Peru) Lurin, Perú
04-01-22 Juan Carlos Meléndez Landaverde (PCM-ES) Lurin, Perú
04-01-22 Augusto Isaías Padilla Paredes (PCM-Peru) Lurin, Perú
04-01-22 Luis Alberto Valeriano Meza (PCM-ES) Lurin, Perú
04-01-22 Eloy Willian Vasquez Becerra (PCM-Peru) Lurin, Perú
04-01-22 Kevin Eduardo Vega Paniagua (PCM-ES) Lurin, Perú
04-01-22 Irvin Omar Zometa Samayoa (PCM-ES) Lurin, Perú

Professio Temporanea

08-12-21 Mary Elijah Guingon (MAC) Christoval, Texas, USA Lurin, Perú
07-01-22 Pedro Antonio Mira Padilla (PCM-ES) Lurin, Perú
07-01-22 Bertoliny Alexander Montes Ramos (PCM-Peru) Lurin, Perú
07-01-22 Héctor Tavárez Mendoza (PCM-Mexico) Lurin, Perú
07-01-22 Geovanni de Jesús Velázquez Ramos (PCM-Mexico) Lurin, Perú
07-01-22 Christian Orlando García Hernández (PCM-ES) Lurin, Perú

Professio Solemnis

15-01-22 Anthony Thanh Nguyen (SEL-Viet) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
15-01-22 Joseph Tam Nguyen (SEL-Viet) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
15-01-22 Peter Trong Pham (SEL-Viet) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ordinatio Diaconalis

06-12-21 Nicolás Carrizales (CAT) Barcelona, España
03-01-22 Antony Ebin Mathew (STSA) North Paravur, Kerala, India
03-01-22 Thomas Renju Rajan (STSA) North Paravur, Kerala, India

Ordinatio Sacerdotalis

08-12-21 Paul Kaptain Pakao (Phil) Rabaul, Philippines
06-01-22 Albert Anson Cancis (STSA) Perumpilly, India
10-01-22 Jose Vilayakattu (STSA) Meppadi, India
13-01-22 Simon Aldrin Louiz (STSA) Aripalam, India

Published in Announcements (CITOC)
Thursday, 23 December 2021 14:53

First Papuan Priest for Province of Philippines

On December 8, the Philippine Province of Blessed Titus Brandsma celebrated an historic milestone with the ordination of the first member of the province from Papua New Guinea. Paul Kaptain Pakao, O. Carm., was ordained at the Iwai mission of the parish of Goma in the Archdiocese of Rabaul. Witnessing the ceremony were the ordinandi’s family, along with the different clans from his native village. The ordaining bishop was Archbishop Joseph Rochus Tatamai, MSC, the ordinary of the Archdiocese of Rabaul.

In his homily, Archbishop Tatamai expressed his gratitude for the Carmelite presence in in Papua New Guinea, which began in the Diocese of Bereina some 13 years ago.

The morning was filled with traditional festivities, singing, dancing, and sharing of gifts, which included crops and livestock which were later prepared into a sumptuous meal shared by everyone in attendance.

During his remarks, the Philippine Prior Provincial thanked the family of the newly ordained for allowing their son, Paul, to join the Carmelites, thus offering him to be of service to the Order and to the Church. He also thanked all the villagers and other friends of the Carmelite missionaries who graced the event, most especially the archbishop who stayed throughout the colorful celebration.

Fr. Paul Kaptain’s ordination marks the first ordination of the Philippine Carmelite foundation in Papua New Guinea. Another “Paul” from Papua New Guinea, Paul Sireh, was ordained priest but is a member of the Australian Province. 

Other young men from Papua New Guinea have answered the call of their Carmelite vocation. One student is currently undergoing his second year of theological studies in the Philippines. Three aspirants are preparing to arrive in the Philippines to begin their own formation.

Indeed, the interest and perseverance of these young men bear witness to the Filipino missionary friars’ positive contributions to the church in Papua New Guinea and the powerful impact they have made on the faithful, particularly on those who have been called to a life in Carmel -- echoing the lines of a familiar song: "Into the land of Carmel, I brought you to gather loads of charming fruits.”

Congratulations to Fr. Paul and the Philippine Province and to the Church in Papua New Guinea on this milestone!

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Wednesday, 29 September 2021 07:40

Carmelite Nuns in Tanay Ask for Prayers

We would ask your continued prayerful support of our Carmelite nuns in Tanay, Philippines.

According to a letter from the community on September 23, 2021, twelve of the eighteen nuns in the community have tested positive for covid. All of the sisters, with the exception of one, are vaccinated. (The sister who was not vaccinated is taking chemo.) The case are considered to be mild and symptomatic.

Although the sisters are asking for prayers of the people, they also assure everyone that they are responding with prayer to those who have asked for them. They remember especially those who are sick with covid.

The sisters conclude, “Do not worry about us … we are hoping to recover. Whatever happens, someday we will praise HIM together in the Kingdom of Light and say with MARY, 'The Almighty has done great things for ME, and holy is HIS Name.' We love you all!”

The monastery was inaugurated on November 11, 2001, and is part of the “Stella Maris” Federation of monasteries in the Philippines. Nine sisters from different monasteries of the Federation made up the original community.

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Friday, 10 September 2021 08:41

New Carmelite Community Opens in Cabanatuan

The Order of Carmelites in the Philippines recently opened an ad experimentum community in the Diocese of Cabanatuan, through an invitation of Bishop Sofronio Aguirre Bancud.

Fr. Marlon Beredo, O. Carm. and Fr. Michael Condes, O. Carm. will initially be assisting the rector of Saint Nicholas of Tolentino Parish Cathedral, especially in its pastoral ministries. They will be joined by Fr. Baltazar Ronato, O. Carm., who at present is the director of the Bulong ng Simoy-Bahay Pananahimik Carmelite Spirituality Center in Dipaculao, Aurora.

To formalize the presence of the Order in the diocese a “Memorandum of Agreement” was signed by the prior provincial of the Carmelites in the Philippines, the Very Rev. Rico P. Ponce, O. Carm., and the Bishop of the Diocese of Cabanatuan.

Philippine Carmel 450The memorandum was witnessed by Fr. Noel Jetajobe, vicar general of the diocese; Fr. Jeffrey Alarilla, diocesan financial administrator; Fr. Joel Cariaso, vicar for religious; Fr. Sed Calderon, chancellor; and Fr. Esmeraldo Reforeal, O. Carm., provincial secretary and first councilor of the Filipino province.

“We always acknowledge the fact that religious congregations are a gift to the church,” said Bishop Bancud. He said the diocese is highlighting the different charisms of each religious order and congregation to help in the faith life of the people of the diocese. “Together we will be able to build up the Body of Christ in the local church of Cabanatuan,” he added.

The prior provincial, Rico Ponce, expressed his gratitude to the bishop, the clergy, religious, and lay leaders of the diocese for the warm welcome extended to the Order. He said that despite the challenges that the Order is facing because of the pandemic, it is committed to contributing to the spiritual growth of the faithful in the diocese.

The agreement stipulates that the Order will “participate in the mission of evangelization” in the territorial jurisdiction of the diocese. This will be done through the provision of “pastoral assistance in parishes and schools within the diocese.”

The agreement is effective for 25 years and then renewable.

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Friday, 10 September 2021 07:26

Filipino Carmelite Martyr Gets Final Resting Place

On the feast of Blessed Titus Brandsma, the titular patron of the Philippine Carmelite Province, the remains of Br. Isagani Valle, O. Carm., were transferred to his final resting place. The location is named in his honor, the Br. Isagani Miro Valle Memorial Cross at the Carmelite Spirituality Center & Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Ormoc.

Br. Isagani was martyred during a military crackdown in May 1983. His steely resolve to remain true to the ideals and spirituality of the Carmelite Order continues to be an inspiration to the current member of the Carmelite province and the local Church.

Isagani’s bones were moved from his former burial site, which was in the old chapel, already irreparably damaged by typhoons and earthquakes and soon to be demolished to make way for a new multi-purpose building. His new grave lies within the Memorial Cross.

In attendance were the director of the Carmelite Spirituality Center, Fr. Joiezl Piñon, O. Carm., and the provincial hagiographer Br. Lester Hallig, O. Carm, Members of the Miro and the Valle families were also in attendance. They generously lent their resources and time to make the occasion a success.

It is also hoped that the momentous event would become an impetus for introducing Br. Isagani’s cause for beatification.

Filipino Carmelite Martyred2 450

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Monday, 22 March 2021 23:27

Causa Nostrae Laetitiae - Februarius 2021

Initium Novitiatus

  • 01-02-21 Martin Thomas (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 01-02-21 John Rajesh (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 01-02-21 Philip Nery C. (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 01-02-21 Francis Godwin (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 01-02-21 Bonifus Binoj (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 01-02-21 Fabin Therese (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 01-02-21 Ansbert Akhil (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 01-02-21 Rocky Manu (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 01-02-21 Jonatus Jinu (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 01-02-21 Raphael Likhen Nayak (STSA), Kannur, Kerala, India
  • 06-02-21 Anderkleyton dos Santos (Pern) São Cristovão, Brasil
  • 06-02-21 Bruno Augusto Viana  (Pern) São Cristovão, Brasil
  • 06-02-21 David dos Santos (Pern) São Cristovão, Brasil 
  • 06-02-21 Harrison Antas dos Santos Cordeiro (Pern) São Cristovão, Brasil
  • 06-02-21 Johnny Cley Bezerra Alves de Queiroz (Pern) São Cristovão, Brasil
  • 06-02-21 Márcio Felipe da Silva (Pern) São Cristovão, Brasil
  • 06-02-21 Erick Henrique Alves da Silva (Par) São Cristovão, Brasil
  • 14-02-21 Nuno Nixon (STSA) Kannur, Kerala, India

Professio Temporanea

  • 02-02-21 M. Theresia Peny Wulakada, Batu, Indonesia
  • 02-02-21 M. Martina Sukini Situngkir, Batu, Indonesia

Professio Solemnis

  • 02-02-21 M. Lucy Nthule (MAC), Machakos, Kenia
  • 07-02-21 María Lucía Vargas Martínez (SDO), Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
  • 13-02-21 Douglas Rafael Mendivil Martelo (Ita-Col), Colombia
  • 13-02-21 Lizwaun Martínez Guerra (Ita-Col), Columbia
  • 13-02-21 Juan Garbriel Arrieta Zambrano (Ita-Col), Columbia
  • 13-02-21 Juan Camilo Rada Pardo (Ita-Col), Columbia

Ordinatio Diaconalis

  • 11-02-21 Paul Kaptain Pakao (Phil), New Manila, Quezon City, Pilipinas
  • 11-02-21 Vinson P. Luayon (Phil), New Manila, Quezon City, Pilipinas
  • 11-02-21 Leo A. Nebril (Phil), New Manila, Quezon City, Pilipinas

Ordinatio Sacerdotalis

  • 02-02-21 Aniceto Rodriguez III (Phil), San Francisco, Agusan del Sur, Pilipinas
  • 11-02-21 Michael L. Condes (Phil), New Manila, Quezon City, Pilipinas
  • 11-02-21 Ritche T. Salgado (Phil), New Manila, Quezon City, Pilipinas
  • 11-02-21 Christopher F. Labrador (Phil), New Manila, Quezon City, Pilipinas
  • 14-02-21 Emmanuel Ngona Malobi (Ita-Con), Roma, Italia
  • 22-02-21 Joiezl Fern S. Piñon (Phil), Talamban, Cebu City, Pilipinas
Published in Announcements (CITOC)
Monday, 18 January 2021 06:44


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Published in Asia-Oceania
Monday, 18 January 2021 03:25

The Philippines

The Carmelite Province of Blessed Titus Brandsma of the Philippines was canonically erected on July 16, 2013 through a Decree of Canonical Erection passed and approved by the Most Rev. Fernando Millán Romeral, O.Carm. At present the Province has about 78 religious working in the Philippines, Italy and Papua New Guinea. For more informations:

San Alberto
Carmelite Formation Center
Nasipit, Talamban
Tel. +63 346-2722

Mount Carmel Monastery
(Negros Occidental)
Tel. +63 034-454.0212

Carmelite Monastery
Agusan del Sur
Tel. 085-343557
Tel. +63 085-8392198

St. Teresa of Avila Community
31 Acacia St., corner Rosario Drive
Bgy. Mariana, New Manila
Tel. +63 2- 87242371

St. Elijah - Elisha Students’ Friary
24 Acacia Street, New Manila

QUEZON CITY Carmelite Noviciate Community
“Spring of Carmel”
22, Anahaw St. Gloria III Subd.
Bgy. Culiat
Tel. +63 2-82851229

ORMOC CITY Carmel Spirituality Center
Bry. Milagro

Bahay Pananahimik
Bulong Ng Simoy
Brgy. Mijares, Dipaculao

Pahingalayan ng Inang Maria ng Karmelo
Bagac, Bataan

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